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Steppe Journeys

Steppe Journeys

Headquarters in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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About Steppe Journeys

Central Asia is a region of ancient cultures, fairy-tale cities, open steppes, deserts, and majestic peaks. Combining the warmth of Central Asian hospitality and the professionalism and reliability of the Steppe Journeys team ensures an unforgettable experience. Based in Tashkent and with over 30 years of combined tourism experience, the Steppe Journeys team can organize your tours to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Western China and beyond. Steppe Journeys has organized textile tours, botanical tours, architectural tours and other special interest tours. We are happy to put you in touch with clients who have travelled with us. We pride ourselves on the personalized service we offer our clients.


Over 30 years of touring experience
Explore ancient cultures and open steppes
Experts in Central Asian travel
Local guides in each city

Questions & Answers

  • Is there a dress code?

    In general you can dress how you wish as if you were in your home country. However when entering open mosques during sightseeing it is recommended for women to cover their heads with light scarf and wear shorts that are longer than knee length.
  • Is WIFI available?

    WIFI is usually available in all hotels however sometimes there can be an additional charge for this, you also have the option of using the internet at a local cafe.
  • What is the voltage so I can charge my devices?

    Voltage throughout the region is 220-250V. You will find in most of the hotels there are European-style sockets with 2 round pins. You may wish to take an adaptor if yours is different.
  • Are you able to drink the tap water?

    It is recommended to always drink bottled water rather than tap water, bottled water will be readily available for you.
  • What is the local language?

    Generally through Central Asia, Russian is the 'second language' and people in the service and tourism sectors often speak English and a range of other European languages. Official languages are: Uzbekistan = Uzbek, Kazakhstan = Kazakh, Kyrgyzstan = Kyrgyz , Turkmenistan = Turkmen. These all belong to the Turkish language group.
  • Is it possible to use credit cards?

    Merchants will generally prefer you to pay in cash however in any high standard hotels you will be able to pay via Mastercard or Visa without any issues.
  • Are we able to change money and what is the local currency?

    Only four currencies are convertible in Central Asia which are; US dollar, Euro, UK pounds and Japanese yen. There are exchange offices located at airports on arrival, hotels and local banks to change any money you wish. Uzbekistan's currency is 'soum', Kazakhstan 'tenge', Kyrgyzstan 'sum', Tajikistan 'somoni' and Turkmenistan 'manat'.
  • What is the weather like in central Asia?

    You will find that Uzbekistan has a strictly continental climate: summer is hot and winter is cold. The best time to travel in that area is spring, summer or autumn; if you like dry cold with a snowy winter then it is best to visit in winter as it can be very beautiful also at that time.

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