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Hi Travel Argentina

Hi Travel Argentina

Headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  • W-Trek in Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno Glacier (8 Nights) reviewer 1
    The trip was excellent! Everything went smoothly and ran on time. Everyone we dealt with were super helpful, especially Belen - thank you! The W trek was amazin…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Dear Sarah, thanks for your kind words and we are really glad that you enjoyed your trip. Yeah, W Trek is lovely, something one must do at least once, right? Thanks again for trusting us and all the best! Belen
  • LC
    Written on January 28th, 2020
    We had an excellent experience with Hi Argentina! Cristian, Belen and team were always available and so flexible with all our queries. The trip itself was excel…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Hey Lavania! Our answer comes a bit late, so sorry! But between summer rush and the pandemic we did not have time to sit down and write! We are very happy that you had a great experience, beatiful spots to visit! and very different places from each other! It was a pleasure to be in contact with you guys to make sure everything run smooth! I hope you keep healthy and back to traveling soon! All the best! Cristian, Belen and team
  • Rio de Janeiro to Santiago de Chile - 17 Days reviewer 3
    Written on January 22nd, 2020
    This was an excellent A to B self guided tour that had a few well placed day tours included such as the Iguazu Falls Brazil and Argentina side, horse riding, ta…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Dear Yoong and Damien, as I told Lavania and Cameron, sorry for our late reply! But I wanted to let you know that it was such a pleasure to be in touch with you from the fist moment you began the enquires and until you ended your trip. We wish we could also give you 5 stars :-) Al the best for both couples, keep healthy these strange pandemic times and wishing that we all can travel again soon! Cristian HI Travel team
  • W-Trek in Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno Glacier (8 Nights) reviewer 4
    Tour radar provided excellent service from planning to providing the needed documents from the beginning. They were readily available for all the questions via …
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Thank you so much Krishna for choosing us! We hope to see you again in another route!
  • S
    Written on December 22nd, 2019
    We have booked your offer from Germany with sta travel in Mannheim. And we were really disappointed. We have paied approx. 900,00 Euro/person which is quite exp…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Dear Sunita, thanks for your comments. We can see that you did not enjoy your trip but seeing what you have written down it seems that this tour was not the right one for you. From the first moment in your home country agency (because you did not book through Tourradar and you did not contact us drectly) you did not receive the proper information about the features of the trip and about how to be in touch with us if anything happened. These are independent trips and as there is no travel guide it is crucial to be in touch with us, there are ways of doing that these days: phone, email, cel phone, sms, whatsapp. -In reference to accommodation, it is clear that hostels don´t have an age limit. But if you are 50 or more years old you must know that hostels are places where young people go and they are likely to party. If you were up for a quieter experience you may had to take the same trip but with the Hotel option, not the hostel. The same goes if you are traveling with suitcases instead of backpacks. If we had a word from your agency about what was your expectations we would have suggested otherwise, but we just got an automatic booking. -In reference to buses, as told before, this is an independent tour and not a group tour so we use regular public buses. Public buses in Argentina and Chile are, with some small exceptions, very good! -In reference to bus station transfers we do NOT include transfers from hostels to bus stations, only from and to Airports. As it is explained in Whats Included and whats Not Included. But there is a reason for that: for example, El Calafate bus station is about 10 minutes walk from both Pioneros and Linertador hostel/hotel. Most people like to walk this distance and manage their own times. Moreover, transfers to bus stations have a minumim price of pick up, and it is close to the price of the airport pick up. So it is expensive and you could do it on your own for free, Also, with such long distances, bus times are not exact and arrival is never known. So you arrive late, The driver is not there but has been waiting for you for maybe hours. You are upset and the driver will be as well. Not a good situation for anyone so we do not include transfers to bus stations. -In reference to the tours, you way book your travel package maybe 6 months in advance, and we give you the generic times of the tours. But closer to the dates, the local tour organizers have to move pick up times to adjust to the quantity of people and hostels and hotels to pick up. So you itinerary is a good guide to know what to expect, but locally some times can change slighlity to adjust to that day specific reality. Again, this missunderstandings can be easily erased from the first moment if we have a close communication when the 1st unpleasant situation arises. -In reference to the prices, 2 comments. When you sit down at a restaurant and order a sandwich you pay for the sandwich 5 EUR. You don´t go to the cashier and say: hey, I can get a bread for 1 EUR, I can get lettuce for 0,50 EUR, I can get ham for 1 EUR and mayonaise for nothing. This is not worth! That is becaue you sit there in their tables and chairs, use their lights, people prepared the sandwich for you and a lot of people are involved in your services. With tours it is similar. We always try to offer the best competitive prices but you have to know that there are many people involved in the making of your trip. From the person that handles your booking at your home, to the people who work at our office and the different people that do the bookings and organize locally. There are also financial costs that are not seen. From the moment you book, we have to pay up front for some services. You pay in Germany, and we have to wait for the money to come to Argentina long after we pay here. There are transference costs and taxes to be paid, and all is included in the price of the "sandwich" We always try to offer the best prices in all our tours, but we live in a very unstable country where exchange rates are very volatile. In order for you to book we have to give you an actual price. But when you arrive to destination you may think: this tour was expensive or....the opposite: this tour was really cheap. That will depend on our crazy economy. Of course, you could have come to Argentina and had prepared "your own sandwich". A lot of people do. But in that case you would have to have done all the research of services and timetables on your own, booked all the services or wait until you are here to do it. To sum up, of course we are sorry that you did not enjoy the trip and we wish it was different. At the moment of booking we should have double checked with the agency in Germany that all conditions were understood. We also wished to have been contacted by you during your trip. If pick up up time in Ushuaia was too early we could have managed that, for example. It was just a call or a whastapp or an email. All our contact info was in every sheet of the vouchers and the itinerary. When the tour end is to late to change anything Very best and keep healthy in these strange pandemic times! Cristian HI Travel Argentina
  • KL
    Written on October 24th, 2019
    Air N Z late into B A so no shuttle waiting. Paid for transport to hostel. All went well until bus to Rio. Departure delayed by one and a half hours with a repl…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Dear Keith, hi, thanks so much for your feedback. The private driver was indeed aware of the delay of the flight from NZ and has been waiting for you almost 2 hours after flight´s landing with a sign with your name on it. We called you and email you but, of course, understandable, you were not to be reached. When there was no one else in the airport we had to tell the driver to go back to town. We were worried for you and we only found out about you being ok when we contacted the hostel. Such a pity we could not connect, we were all concerned! In reference to the bus from Iguazu to Rio, it normally runs very smooth. We are so sorry to hear that this happened, it is very unusual. We hope you have enjoyed your trip despite the couple of hiccups! Very best! HI Travel Team
  • Patagonia Adventure Tour (15 Nights) reviewer 7
    Written on October 20th, 2019
    Excellent route to visit Argentina under S34 lattitude if there is limited weeks for travelling that huge & fantastic land. The organisation, timing, service an…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Serdar, thank you for choosing us. We are really glad to see you again in another route!
  • AQ
    HI travel were very helpful with answering any questions I had and when I didn't have my bus ticket on the last morning they sorted it out. The arrangements wi…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Dear Aisha, thanks very much for taking your time and writing this review! For us it was great to be there for you and we hope you have great memories from the W Trek. All the best! Hi Travel Team
  • LS
    Written on October 11th, 2019
    Hi Travel was amazing! I have booked my holidays last minute and they quickly responded to my request and booked the tours and made all the arrangements very qu…
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    Hi Travel Argentina commented on this review
    Dear Lubica, thanks so much for your comments. We enjoyed helping you in your trip a lot! I hope the end of this pandemic will find you traveling the world once more! Very, very best and till next time! Cristian HI Travel Team
  • ET
    Written on August 2nd, 2019
    A really fantastic tour of Iguazu falls! Right from the start the team were quick to answer questions and help, a big thanks rob Ignacio for everything! On arri…
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HI Travel specializes in budget and independent tours throughout Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia. We use hostels and budget hotels to build the trips and local transportation as a link between destinations, offering highlight day trips and also airport tranfers when needed. Our aim is to help customers to get the most of their time and money when traveling to the south of South America.


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