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Budget Honeymoon Packages & Tours

Let's face it: weddings are often so expensive that, by the time the honeymoon rolls around, you're thinking more about how you'll pay for it all than about your excitement! But affordable honeymoons exist and we've put together our top tips and favourite destinations to plan yours on the cheap.



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Budget honeymoon packages

How to choose the best destination for your budget honeymoon

Honeymoons don't need to be expensive, and travellers don't need to sacrifice amazing experiences to make the most out of their budget! Honeymooners should consider a few things while planning their trip. Some destinations are more budget-friendly across the board, with no difference in quality; consider travelling to areas less popular for honeymoons. 

How far do you want to travel on your honeymoon? If you're looking to travel domestically and save on transportation, think about the hidden gems around your country or continent - there's always somewhere new to explore!

Travellers should also think about what they're interested in doing during their honeymoon. A beach honeymoon may need to take place in a different destination from a hiking and trekking honeymoon, for example! Once you know what you'd like to do, the perfect destination will be easier to choose.

Popular destinations for affordable honeymoons

From Asia to Europe and beyond, there are so many places lucky travellers can visit on their honeymoon that won't break the bank. In fact, many of these places provide affordable honeymoon packages without sacrificing any of the luxury, fun, and comfort travellers would expect in more popular destinations!

  • Vietnam

    For travellers looking for a slice of culture and history along with their dreamy beach honeymoon, look no further than Vietnam. Home to museums, markets, and gorgeous nature, Vietnam is the perfect budget honeymoon destination for affordable luxury. 
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  • Puerto Rico

    An affordable, beautiful honeymoon destination for travellers looking to hit the beach, Puerto Rico's vibrant culture and stunning views will leave travellers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The best part? Supporting Puerto Rico's economy through tourism allows the country to rebuild after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017. 
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  • Panama

    Panama has everything travellers can expect from a traditional honeymoon - white-sand beaches, lush jungles, great nightlife, and a welcome sense of relaxation and togetherness - with one big exception. A honeymoon here will cost significantly less than more popular destinations, which brings the added benefit of smaller crowds.
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  • Philippines

    This collection of thousands of islands is still overlooked by honeymooners, but that's all set to change. If you're looking for wow factor (and some seriously amazing Instagram shots) on a budget, the Phillippines is your perfect honeymoon destination. 
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  • Colombia

    Adventurous, fun-loving couples seeking a budget honeymoon would be remiss not to consider Colombia. Here, you'll find vibrant, colourful cities, exciting live music and dancing around every corner, amazing food, and, of course, white-sand beaches that are perfect for lazing the day away.
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  • Portugal

    Portugal is one of Europe's best-kept honeymoon secrets. Not only is it incredibly affordable to travel through, stunning sharp cliffs, colourful streets, delicious food, and friendly locals set it apart as a top honeymoon destination. Couples looking for a bit of everything, from beaches and wine-tastings to strolls through cities and long hikes, should consider Portugal.
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