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Honeymoon Cruise Packages

If you're looking for inspiration for a much needed romantic getaway after you and your significant other ties the knot, then consider a honeymoon cruise. Weddings are beautiful, but between table settings and family members, things get hectic! Honeymoons are a time to drift away. So, whether you've got your heart set on Asia, Europe or even Alaska, we got the perfect trip for both of you.

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Honeymoon cruise: the pros and the cons

Many couples hope to explore the world together, but after paying for a wedding, travelling to numerous destinations at a time may feel like a costly extravagance. That's really the best part of a cruise! In one trip, you get to explore numerous destinations in a hassle-free way, courtesy of your mobile hotel! Here are the pros and cons of a honeymoon cruise.


  • Everything is taken care of for you: If you want a fuss-free trip with your partner, taking a honeymoon cruise is the easiest option. With on-site activities, pools, bars, fine dining, and entertainment all within a stone's throw of your cabin, and included in your package, you'll be relaxing in no time. 
  • Unpack once: Hopping from one destination to another sounds great, but in theory, getting from location to location can be a hassle. Onboard a cruise, you only have to unpack once, sail from one place to the next in your floating hotel. 
  • Easy access to sunsets and sunrises: There's nothing more romantic than sunset, or staying awake together until sunrise, especially when the perfect spot to catch the sun going up or down is right outside your room. 
  • Amenities: Pools, saunas, steam rooms, spas, gyms, nuts in your room, cocktails, an abundance of food - life on deck is sweet! You'll have access to some of the best amenities in the world. 
  • Pamper yourselves: Want a cabin upgrade? Or a dedicated butler? Talk to your tour operator to see what other luxuries can be add to your honeymoon package. 


  • Seasickness: This will really only be an issue if you have a very sensitive stomach or are sailing on choppy waters. Seasickness won't really spoil your trip, as there are plenty of remedies available to manage this. 
  • You'll get a taste but not the full picture: Port visits usually only last a couple of hours, so there won't be that much time to discover the destination, so it's important to think ahead about what you want to do while visiting land. However, some tour operators now offer later or overnight port stays, so if spending more time in destinations is something that appeals to you, just look for a package with this in mind. 
  • You'll need to pay for some stuff: While a lot is included in the price of your package, if you're looking to do those special off-site excursions (after all it is your honeymoon), you'll have to pay a little extra to do so. 
  • Gratuities: These are not included in the price of your package, so you'll also need to factor this into your budget!  

Popular destinations for honeymoon cruise

So you've settled on the idea of a honeymoon cruise, but now you're looking for the dream destination. We promise you no matter where you go, whether it's the cobbled streets of Europe or the winter wonderland of Alaska, it's going to be romantic, but a little extra help with that won't hurt! Check out some of our favourite places for a honeymoon. 

  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


    There's no shortage of natural wonders in Ecuador. Whether you're walking hand-in-hand on sandy shores with waves lapping at your feet, exploring the insane wildlife of the Galápagos Islands or learning about traditions at a local village. A honeymoon cruise with Ecuador on the itinerary is the best way to kick-off life after your wedding. 

    Why: Create the memories of a lifetime in the Amazon Jungle
    For who: Couples who love adventure and don't mind the odd mosquito bite 
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  • Oia/Santorini, Greece


    Spending your honeymoon sailing around Greece is the perfect way to start (or continue) married life together. Romance comes easy here, whether you're sipping a cocktail as you drift along the Aegean Sea, exploring ancient ruins from times gone by or just bathing below the sun. Love stories in Greece practically write themselves. 

    Why: To get your blessing from Aphrodite 
    For who: Couples who love being beach bums together 
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  • Halong Bay, Vietnam


    There are thousands of reasons to go sailing around Asia on a honeymoon cruise, and Vietnam has at least one fifth of them. You'll get swept away by glittering cityscapes and natural beauty, discover cultural diversity, and did we mention the incredible food? For your first journey as a newly married couple, Vietnam is tantalising. 

    Why: Does the sun not rise in the east? 
    For who: Couples with an apetite for food and life 
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  • Mountain in Alaska


    There aren't many places where luxury and adventure go hand-in-hand, but in Alaska, they are made for each other. Visit one of the most beautiful states in the United States for its wildlife and backcountry. If your significant other makes you weak at the knees and takes your breath away, wait until you see Alaska together. 

    Why: For the wilderness
    For who: Couples that want to go off-the-beaten path 
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  • Dubrovnik, Croatia


    If you're looking for film-worthy backdrops for your honeymoon bliss, a cruise package around Croatia's islands will set off your romance nicely. With its stunning coastline, beautiful architecture, fallen empires, and both easy and adrenaline-inducing outdoor activites, Croatia will get your hearts racing in no time. 

    Why: Croatia has it all: nature, culture, history and the beach 
    For who: Couples that like it epic  
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  • Beach in Indonesia


    With over 17,000 islands to sail around, Indonesia, one of the jewels of Asia, knows how to up the honeymoon ante. The warm weather, spicy laksa curry, scenery for miles, sunny beaches, and spellbinding volcanoes, make for a country that can bring the heat to your honeymoon cruise. 

    Why: Because there's more to Indonesia than Bali, yogis and partying 
    For who: Couples who like it hot 
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Pro tips for your honeymoon cruise


  • What's included in the price?

    This depends on the cruise and tour operator you pick. Most things will be included but there might be other costs, so it's best to double-check before booking. 
  • Will we get special treatment?

    If you book a honeymoon package, then you can expect special treatment as they are designed in such a way to make you feel pampered. 
  • Can we upgrade our room?

    Normally it's possible to upgrade your room. We advise doing this as far in advance as possible so you get your first pick! 
  • What can we do on the ship?

    This depends on the destination and the ship, but you won't be bored! Cruise ships are designed to have activities onboard and itineraries will offer you excursions on land.

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