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Ocean Cruise Tours & Trips in Latin America

Unpack once and explore myriad destinations on an ocean cruise. Float along the coastlines of Latin America on board an impressive cruise line. With 258 ocean and sea cruises ranging from 3 days to 38 days, you're sure to find a cruise trip that's right for you!

250+ Ocean Cruise trips through Latin America with 145 reviews

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Ocean Cruise Tours & Trips in Latin America Reviews

  • "7.5 days on the boat was just about the right amount of time. You do not want to..."
    Complete Galapagos (Grand Daphne)
  • "We enjoyed the trip very much. Too bad there was a change of guides in the middle..."
    Classic Galapagos: Central Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)
  • "Absolutely amazing experience made exceptional by the knowledge, enthusiasm and kindness..."
    Galápagos — North, West & Central Islands aboard the Yolita
  • "We had the time of our lives! It was executed to perfection, we had SO much fun and..."
    Galápagos — Central, South & East Islands aboard the Yolita
  • "The tour was exactly as described in the itinerary so there weren't any unexpected..."
    Galapagos Explorer: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)
  • "I booked Intrepid's 'Ultimate Galapagos' tour and went in 2017. Whilst the tour was..."
    Ultimate Galapagos: Central Islands (Le Grande Daphne)