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There’s rarely a traveller that leaves Jordan unimpressed by its sights or unmoved by its people’s virtues. Best-known for its centrepiece, the archaeological site of Petra, this Middle Eastern nation is breathtaking in both its golden desert attractions, epic experiences and open hospitality, so much so it often draws visitors back. This is Jordan, and it welcomes you with open arms.

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The Basics

When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    March to May

    Wildflower season is also Jordan’s high season during the spring months when the days are pleasant, averaging in 20°C, and the nights are cool. The country is covered with wildflowers as well as travellers – so expect higher rates and thick crowds at top attractions. However, desert explorations are best during this time. If you’re hoping to avoid the heavy traffic but still enjoy the nice weather, beat the crowds in early March when rains are less frequent. Avoid January and February as the weather is wet and cold. The autumn months of September, October and November are excellent for diving in Aqaba so prices in the city are high.

  2. Low Season

    June to August

    Avoid the summer season at all cost. Well, that is unless you can tolerate the sweltering heat. June through August finds Jordan in extreme temperatures that can rise over 40°C, which might overwhelm most travellers. If you’re seeking budget rates, it’s the best time to score bargains. It’s also a great time for celebrating local culture and stargazing, with the Jerash Festival taking place in July and the sky over the desert is at some of its darkest in August. However, many businesses are closed for the season so plan accordingly if you’re visiting during this time.

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