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Antarctica from Argentina: How to Get There

Many people visiting Antarctica opt to take a cruise from Ushuaia in Argentina. Travelling to South America for the trip of a lifetime in the White Continent couldn't be easier. Read on to find out more about the best way to reach Antarctica from Argentina.

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Getting from Argentina to Antarctica

The majority of cruises for Antarctica start from Ushuaia, Argentina and the length of a cruise can vary anywhere between 8-22 days. You can choose from different cruise routes depending on what you hope to explore during your time visiting Antarctica, for example, it may be possible to include the Falklands and South Georgia on your tour itinerary. 

Cruises departing from Ushuaia sail the Beagle Channel and then cross the infamous Drake Passage to Antarctica, making the journey part of the experience. Discover more about travelling to Antarctica from Argentina.

Ushuaia to Antarctica

Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America, is the nearest departing point to Antartica. If you are travelling to the White Continent from Argentina, this is where you will need to arrive first. Ushuaia may be considered the end of the world, but travelling to this port city is relatively easy.

How to get to Ushuaia
With frequent flights from Argentina's capital of Buenos Aires, the easiest way to reach Ushuaia is by flying. Getting to Ushuaia overland is tricky and involves a complicated border crossing through Chile, not to mention around 36 hours of travel time!

How long does it take to cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctic Peninsula:
It takes around 2-3 days to reach the Antarctic Peninsula, but this journey could be longer if your itinerary includes the Falklands or South Georgia Island.

Pro tip: It's best to arrive early in Ushuaia. Things can go wrong while travelling, your flight from Buenos Aires could be delayed or your luggage may not arrive in time, so it's best to give yourself a couple of days to handle any situations that might arise. Another reason to arrive early is so you can explore Ushuaia. Don't leave without visiting National Park of Tierra del Fuego!
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Buenos Aires to Antarctica

The beauty of travelling to Antarctica from Argentina is that some tours will start in Buenos Aires, which allows travellers to explore another destination before embarking on their cruise. As explained, because most cruises to Antarctica start from Ushuaia, and tours beginning in Buenos Aires will have a flight included (or other means of transportation) between the two Argentinian locations. It's rare for an Antarctic cruise to depart from Buenos Aires.

How to get to Buenos Aires:
There are plenty of frequent international connections to Buenos Aires from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and other countries around the world. To see what flights are available, you can check here

Look for an itinerary that connects you from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, which then goes onto the Antarctic Peninsula, The Falklands, South Georgia or the Weddell Sea.

Pro tip: Look for a tour that lets you begin your adventure in Buenos Aires so you can experience the culture and beauty of South America before setting off for Antarctica.
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How to get to Argentina

Travelling from the USA, the United Kingdom or Canada to Antarctica couldn't be easier! 

From the USA
It takes around ten hours to fly from major cities like New York, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta - all of whom operate frequent flights to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires.

From Canada
It's possible to fly directly from Toronto to Buenos Aires (about 14 hours). For other parts of Canada, travellers may find it more convenient to fly via Toronto or the USA and to break the journey up in one of those destinations. 

From the United Kingdom
London offers direct flights to Buenos Aires (about 14 hours). People from the United Kingdom could also travel via Madrid, which also has direct flights to Buenos Aires. Although it takes longer, it's a cheaper option than flying directly from London.

Things to do in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is surrounded by raw natural beauty, from the Beagle Channel to the Martial Mountains. While it's considered the gateway to Antartica, this resort town also has a lot to offer travellers heading to the White Continent. Give yourself a few days to explore this lovely port city at the end of the world. 


At one time, Ushuaia was home to a prison that held hundreds of convicts. Although the prison closed in 1947, it has since been turned into a museum. For anyone interested in Ushuaia's past, the museum is well worth a visit. Another thing travellers can experience in Ushuaia is the End of the World Train (Tren del Fin del Mundo), truly a ride like no other, this train will take you to Tierra del Fuego National Park. And don't forget to try some of the local brews, Patagonia has a thriving craft beer scene.


There's much to see but start with Tierra del Fuego National Park, Beagle Channel, Martial Glacier, Esmeralda Lagoon and Isla Martillo.

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  • When should I arrive in Ushuaia?

    We advise arriving at least one day before, in case your connecting flight to Ushuaia is delayed or luggage goes missing. This will give you enough time to sort things out and buy what you might need in case your gear doesn't arrive in time. We also recommend booking departure flights a couple of days after the cruise finishes, in case there are any delays.
  • Is the accommodation in Ushuaia included?

    Tours usually include one night in Ushuaia prior to the cruise, but you will need to check your tour to make sure it's included. If your tour starts in Buenos Aires then you'll get accommodation in Ushuaia.
  • Can I fly from Argentina to Antarctica?

    No. It's only possible to fly to Antarctica from Punta Arenas in Chile. 
  • How long does it take to cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctica?

    The time it takes can vary (expect to be cruising for 2-3 days) but if the cruise includes the Falklands and South Georgia then the journey will take longer.
  • Is crossing the Drake Passage difficult?

    To get to Antarctica you will need to cross the infamous Drake Passage. Stretching from Cape Horn to the South Shetland Islands, it is the meeting point for the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans, and is known to have rough waters. Sailing can be smooth or rough depending on conditions, and it’s a means to an end for those that want to explore the remote and unspoilt beauty of Antarctica. Pack some anti-nausea medicines!
  • What happens if the cruise is delayed?

    If the weather isn't favourable, your cruise may be delayed. In this instance, accommodation will be provided to you, but the tour cannot be extended, which means you won't get an extra day in Antarctica. It's best to be flexible with flights in case your delay happens on the way back.

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