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Growth International Volunteer Excursions

Growth International Volunteer Excursions

Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA

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  • R
    Honestly the best experience of my life. We learned so much about the hawaiian culture as well as how much our decisions impact the earth and future generations…
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  • K
    This trip has given me a different perspective on how I should travel in the future and the impact I can make in my own community. I was able to meet people fro…
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  • GIVE - Hawaii Forest Conservation & Responsible Tourism Excursion reviewer 3
    Had a great time in Hawaii, be risky in life, go solo on the trip for the greatest opportunity to explore and create lasting friendships, be open minded, and be…
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  • E
    Such a wonderful experience with wonderful people! Would go back and do it all again if I could! Love my GIVE family?
  • GIVE - WILD: Pacific Northwest (Wilderness & International Leadership Development) reviewer 5
    GIVE's Wilderness First Aid course has been the first time in a long time that I have enjoyed learning. This course opened my eyes to many scenarios and gave m…
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    Growth International Volunteer Excursions commented on this review
    Thanks for the review, Jason. It was a great week of learning, growth, and mountains. Always enjoy spending time with you!
  • A

    GIVE - Tanzania

    Written on January 24th, 2022
    Tanzania - Coming into this experience, I had no idea what to expect but at the end it was something my mind could never have even imagined. Once you get in K…
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  • L

    GIVE - Tanzania

    Written on January 19th, 2022
    I 100% recommend this trip, you will not regret it! It was the most beautiful, eye opening, and fulfilling experience. All projects are meaningful and intention…
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  • J
    To begin, I want to thank Traven and Mana for welcoming me to Hawaii, and inspiring me more than one realizes. I want to thank Dylan for his energy, smile, and …
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    Growth International Volunteer Excursions commented on this review
    Thank you for sharing, it was so great to meet you! We look forward to your next adventure :)
  • N
    Volunteering in Hawaii was transformative and educational in all aspects. I knew little about Hawaii's culture and its way of life before taking on this experie…
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  • N

    GIVE - Nicaragua

    Written on January 17th, 2022
    This experience touched my heart, mind, and soul in various ways. To have the opportunity to work with the community and be immersed in Nicaragua's culture was …
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About Growth International Volunteer Excursions

GIVE is a homegrown, Seattle volunteer organization that unites international volunteering with adventure travel to create a meaningful volunteer experience abroad. GIVE was established on the creed that the global volunteer audience is captivated by contemporary and innovative development projects coupled with cultural and sustainable tourism. GIVE has mobilized several hundreds of volunteers and generated thousands of dollars for community development projects overseas.
GIVE Example Volunteer Project, Nicaragua
Past volunteers built a technical school utilizing plastic bottles and recycled materials. The school is complete with three classrooms, running water, four toilets, and a self-composting sustainable septic system. Volunteers recycled multiple tons of petroleum products into the building process and reused 15,000 plastic bottles, all generated from a community organized recycling program. The school's curriculum varies from elementary general education to secondary education coupled with vocational training on specific skill sets, such as marine mechanics, carpentry, and hospitality.                       
GIVE continues to generate substantial scholastic donations to support our English reading and writing program managed by local instructors and volunteers overseas.
What makes GIVE different?
GIVE prides itself on breaking the mold of what is typically found in today’s provision of foreign aid and development.  We look to inspire and promote global change through a refined focus on sustainable, contemporary ideas and practices. Our methodologies provide platforms for new technologies and possibilities for development. We seek to mobilize local assets and social frameworks, in order to increase the communal capacity for development. GIVE is physically, financially, and emotionally invested in all of our projects and our volunteers. 
We know that there are many volunteer opportunities today, regardless of where and how you choose to donate your time, please take the plunge and put forth something for the greater good. 



Action-packed all-inclusive volunteering experiences
Focus on education, infrastructure and wildlife conservation
Engage your mind and empower local communities
Year-round support for volunteering engagements when back home

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