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Best 10-Day Taiwan Itineraries

Wondering how to spend ten days in Taiwan? Whether you want to go backpacking through cities like Taipei and Hualien, see the annual Taiwan Lantern Festival, or plan a family holiday to one of the country’s beautiful national parks, you’ll find plenty of itinerary inspiration here to help you design your perfect trip.

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Itinerary ideas for 10 day Taiwan trips


  • Sun Moon Lake - Start your Taiwan adventure at Sun Moon Lake, a scenic area nestled in the foothills of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range. While you’re here, explore the region’s most famous sites, including the Wenwu Temple, Holy Monk Shrine, and Ci En Pagoda.
  • Kaohsiung - After Sun Moon Lake, explore the historic and cultural village of Lukang. It is a centre for arts and handicrafts. You can also see examples of unique Taiwanese architecture at the Lung Shan Temple. Continue on your journey, travelling to Kaohsiung, the second-largest city in Taiwan.
  • Kenting - Visit Kenting National Park, known for its long stretches of white sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, and some of the largest coral reefs in the country. You can also wander amongst the region’s naturally beautiful setting before returning to Kaohsiung for the evening.
  • Hualien - Hop on a train to Hualien, where you can tour the East Coast National Scenic Area. The area is bursting with natural beauty for you to explore, with volcanic rock formations, sandy beaches, and hidden caves.
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Taipei - Upbeat, profoundly liveable and superbly located, Taiwan's capital is a thrill to explore on foot. If you arrive early, be sure to get out and about and then head off to the Ningxia Night Market for dinner.

Tainan - It’s a two-hour journey to the island’s oldest city, widely regarded as the food capital of the south. Begin your day with a tasting walk along the ancient and famed Anping Old Street.

Nantou - Your day begins with a visit to Chikan Lou, also known as Chikan Tower or Fort Provincia, one of the most important historic sites in Taiwan. Chinese-style towers sit atop a foundation initially built by Dutch colonials, creating a unique hybrid structure surrounded by elegant lawns and koi ponds. After this peaceful and contemplative visit, change gears as you enter the Hayashi Department Store – a beloved multi-story shopping centre. 

Sun Moon Lake & Taichung - This area is an excellent backdrop for cycling, so set out on a bike ride around Sun Moon Lake, taking in the full beauty of the lake and its surrounding green hills. Afterward, relax with a picnic lunch made with quality, local produce.

Yilan - Head out of town this morning to a restaurant in Taoyuan and learn to make xiao long bao (steam soup dumplings) in a hands-on cooking class.

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Taipei's streetscapes
Taipei's streetscapes

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Local languages
Mandarin Chinese (official), Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka dialects, etc.
Popular destinations
Taipei, Tainan, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien
Perfect for
Culture, Nature, Food
Best time to visit
Autumn or winter, avoid the typhoon season (from June to September)
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