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Panama, Caribbean

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Packages Recommended by Our Travel Experts

After reviewing traveller feedback on all TourRadar trips, our Travel Experts have hand-selected three of the best Panama vacation packages that visit must-see destinations whilst leaving plenty of time to relax:
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People Also Ask

  • How much does an average Panama vacation cost?

    Mid-range travelers should budget between US $95 and $245 per day, while high-end travellers should plan on spending at least $350 per day (which includes appropriately priced hotels or resorts, most meals out, and attractions).
  • What is the cheapest month for a vacation in Panama?

    Most travellers choose to visit Panama during the dry season, between December and April (which is also the peak tourist season). Prices will be cheaper during the rainy, off-season months between May and November. If you’d like to snag a bargain right now, check out our current deals here.
  • What is the ideal Panama itinerary for 7 days?

    With seven days in Panama, our Travel Experts recommend visiting Panama City, Boquete, and Bocas del Toro.
  • What is the ideal itinerary for 14 days?

    On a two-week trip, you can include both action-packed adventures and relaxing downtime in your itinerary. Once you’ve explored Panama City, discover Bocas del Toro, visit the beautiful San Blas Islands, and go hiking in Boquete. Click here to see our full range of two-week Panama tours and use our handy filters to narrow down your selection.
  • What is the best tour company for Panama?

    The best tour companies for a vacation in Panama are G Adventures, Marvelus Travel, and Inspirit Travel. If you’re after a beach holiday, opt for Collette, Indus Travels, or BikeHike. Looking for a surf trip? Bamba Experience and Selina are the top choices. Head over to this page to compare all Panama travel companies and find your favourite.
  • How can I book a Panama vacation on TourRadar?

    Booking tours is easy on TourRadar (that’s our mission, after all!). To lock in your next adventure, search our most popular Panama tours until you find “the one,” select your departure dates, and hit the “book now” button to secure your trip. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, our customer support team is standing by 24/7.
  • Do people speak English in Panama?

    English is widely spoken and understood throughout Panama, especially in larger cities and major tourist destinations. If you’re travelling with a tour, you can rest assured knowing your guide will remove any language barriers.
  • Is Panama safe?

    Panama is generally considered to be a safe destination to visit; however, like many other countries, certain areas should be avoided due to higher crime rates. While travelling here, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings, keep standard safety precautions in mind, and exercise caution when travelling alone or after dark. Read more about the safest places to visit in Latin America.

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