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In China, the skylines offer dazzling shows of lights and modern architecture, while the countryside is peaceful and at times, even surreal. It’s a country of contrasts, where old traditions mix and mingle alongside packed cities that open into lush, vast landscapes before meeting with xenocentric buildings. And the result is simply astounding.

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    May to September

    China essentially has several peak seasons, especially during the summer from June through September when the kids are out of school and during major holidays like Labour Day, National Day or the Spring Festival when everyone’s off work and out celebrating. Prices are steep, crowds are thick and it’s rather difficult to secure tickets and accommodations unless you’re booking very early. In the summertime, temperatures also soar so it can get quite uncomfortable. If you don’t mind the high rates and the throngs of people, going during the vibrant Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) might just offer such elevating experiences.

  2. Low Season

    October to April

    If you’re looking for bargains and thinner crowds, China’s less busy seasons are ideal. However, they’re not necessarily the best time to visit for all of China. The country is massive and the weather can vary depending on the region. Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and the other northern parts might not be ideal to visit from April through early June; however, the rest of China is. Just know that it is the rainy season and flight cancellations are expected. For a destination-flexible season, come in the fall from September to October when the weather has cooled, there are fewer tourists and the landscape colours are quite enchanting to behold.

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