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kruger national park

Kruger National Park Fees & Safari Cost

If you're planning a trip to Kruger National Park, it's best to get a sense of what it might cost to visit this realm of creatures. The following page shares some necessary information on what sort of prices visitors can expect to pay during their safari, including park fees, adventure packages and accommodation.

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Kruger National Park Fees

Visitors of Kruger National Park must enter through gates and pay a conservation fee to the park. The daily price is outlined in the table below, and there are different tariffs. The conservation fee must be paid for each day spent in the park.

Prices (per person, per day)Prices (per child, per day)
South African citizens and residents (with ID)$7 USD$4 USD
Southern African Development Community nationals (with passport)$14 USD$7 USD
Foreign visitors$27 USD$14 USD

Kruger National Park Accommodation Prices

Kruger National Park offers a range of accommodation catering to every traveller. The price will vary depending on the standard of lodging you choose. Visitors can experience camping or stay in caravans, book rooms in guesthouses or hotels, rent cottages in remote bushcamps or enjoy luxury and exclusive private game lodges. For example, the average cost of a hotel room for a couple per night is $105 USD, whereas camps will cost around $35 USD per night, and luxury accommodation will cost upwards in the hundreds.

Kruger National Park Gate Times

Kruger National Park is 350 kilometres in length and at its widest point, 80 kilometres wide. There are 11 different gates into the park, and visitors must enter through one of these entrances for access to the park. Ideally, visitors should choose a gate within a close distance of their accommodation. The opening and closing times for the gates vary depending on the season. 

Entrance Gates Opening Times:

  • Oct - Mar: 05:30am
  • Apr - Sep: 06:00am

Camp Gates Opening Times:
  • Oct: 05:30am
  • Nov - Jan: 04:30am
  • Feb - Mar: 05:30am
  • Apr - Sep: 06:00am

All Gates Closing Times:
  • Aug - Oct: 6:00pm
  • Nov - Feb: 6:30pm
  • Mar - Apr: 6:00pm
  • May - Jul: 5:30pm


Kruger National Park Game Drive Prices

Game drives give visitors to Kruger National Park an excellent opportunity to observe animals in the wild. The price of a game drive varies depending on the company and vehicles available. They take place throughout the day and can last up to four hours or more. Popular times to set out on a game drive are sunrise, mid-morning, sunset and night. Some visitors may opt for a self-drive safari, but we advise going with an experienced guide who knows where to find beasts in the wild. Some safari adventure packages will include the cost of game drives.

Kruger National Park Safari Costs

As this is the adventure of a lifetime, there are lots of things to think about when it comes to budgeting for a safari to Kruger National Park. The cost of a safari is determined by choice of accommodation, the number of days in the park, game viewing vehicles, chosen activities and excursions. The best way to manage all of these moving parts is to book a tour, this way, you can pay based on precisely what you want, without the hassle of having to figure it all out. A three-day basic package will cost about $400 USD, while a full-blown safari with all the perks, can cost up to $7,900 USD.

Fun Fact: You can find all of the Big Five animals  in Kruger National Park!
Fun Fact: You can find all of the Big Five animals in Kruger National Park!

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