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tr leadership

TourRadar's Leaders

travis pittman ceo

Travis Pittman, Co-founder & CEO

Travis Pittman is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of TourRadar and is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and vision. Travis co-founded TourRadar with his brother Shawn Pittman in 2010 with a mission to connect people to life-enriching travel experiences. Under his leadership, TourRadar has grown into the largest online travel agency for multi-day tours in the world, with tour offerings in over 200 countries and office locations across Europe, North America and Australia.

Travis hails from Australia and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Queensland in Brisbane. While living in London on a working-holiday visa, Travis met his wife and eventually moved with her back to her hometown in Vienna, Austria where they have lived ever since. After working in a range of public and private companies around the globe, the Internet and travel always seemed to find their way to Travis, who now can't imagine himself working in any other industry.
shawn pittman co-founder cfo

Shawn Pittman, Co-founder & CFO

Shawn Pittman is Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of TourRadar and is responsible for the company’s strategy, vision and finances. Shawn co-founded TourRadar with his brother Travis Pittman in 2010 with a mission to connect people to life-enriching travel experiences and has over 18 years of experience in the financial industry.

Shawn is based in Brisbane, Australia and leads TourRadar’s local office there. Prior to starting TourRadar, Shawn was an Investment Analyst at a London Venture Capital firm. Shawn has a passion for travel, visiting new cultures and introducing his son to all the wonders the world has to offer. His favorite multi-day touring experience was his 35-day tour of Africa where he saw its mind-blowing landscapes and wildlife up close.
nicholas trieb coo

Nicholas Trieb, Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas Trieb is Chief Operating Officer for TourRadar and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations at TourRadar, with a special focus on product and technology. Nicholas joined TourRadar in 2014 and has over 10 years in the e-commerce sector.

Nicholas was born in Vienna, Austria and grew up in Costa Rica and the United States. He holds a Masters (with distinction) in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna and spent the year between his Bachelors and his Masters in India working for the 4th-largest Indian IT consulting firm (Satyam Computer Services). After his studies he spent a year at the consulting firm Capgemini before co-founding tripwolf. At tripwolf he spent 2 years in Budapest building up the development team before successfully selling the company to a renowned German publishing house.
christian wolters managing director north america

Christian Wolters, Chief Marketing Officer

Christian Wolters is Chief Marketing Officer for TourRadar and is responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategy. Christian has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development and was responsible for opening TourRadar’s North American office in Toronto in 2015. Since then, he has built and led a team of over 50 employees, significantly growing TourRadar’s North American presence through strategic partnerships and awareness campaigns.  

Christian is based in Toronto, Ontario and has worked in senior marketing roles for well-known brands like Harley Davidson, Honda and Kawasaki. He eventually made the transition to the travel industry by working for the Intrepid Travel Group, culminating as their North American VP of Sales and Marketing before joining TourRadar in 2015. Christian has traveled to over 60 countries and currently co-hosts TravelTechTO, a non-partisan events, research and advocate group of the tech community in Toronto. He has also taught tourism marketing at George Brown College and co-founded Soko, a natural and healthy lifestyle distribution company. His favorite multi-day touring experience was an 8-day sailing adventure in Croatia.

Andrea Eckerstorfer, VP People

Andrea Eckerstorfer is VP of People at TourRadar and is responsible for the company’s recruitment, retention, and employee development strategies. Andrea brings over 20 years of leadership experience within the e-commerce and travel industry. Prior to joining TourRadar, Andrea spent 15 years at where she held various roles including Head of HR EMEA for the company. 

Andrea is based in Vienna, Austria, and has worked and lived in London and Amsterdam. She has a passion for travel and believes deeply in its power to bring people and cultures together. Her favorite multi-day touring experience was an Australian west coast excursion where she visited the beautiful wine region near the Margaret River and helped during harvest.
brendan roberts vp business development

Brendan Roberts, VP Business Development

Brendan Roberts is the VP Business Development for TourRadar and is responsible for growing TourRadar’s supply base, onboarding new operators and increasing sales for partners through data-driven optimization. Brendan joined TourRadar in 2015 and has over 15 years of experience in growing high-performing multi-disciplinary teams across tourism, hospitality and healthcare sectors. Under Brendan’s leadership, TourRadar has successfully onboarded over 1,500 tour operators, offering more than 40,000 tours in over 200 countries across the globe.

Brendan is based in Brisbane, Australia and has lived in the UK, Ireland and Canada while working in the hotel, finance and IT industries. He holds degrees in Economics as well as Asian Languages and Studies. In his spare time, you can find him anywhere in the outdoors, usually camping or mountain biking. His favorite multi-day touring experience was exploring the Sabah region in Malaysia, culminating in the climb of Mount Kinabalu.

Vanessa Subramaniam, Global Director of Customer Support

Vanessa is the Global Director of Customer Support for TourRadar and is responsible for the company's largest team, composed primarily of Travel Experts. Vanessa is passionate about promoting customer-first company culture and connecting travelers with exceptional service experiences both before and after their journey. Prior to TourRadar, Vanessa held positions at various high-growth travel and SaaS startups and was a finalist for the “Best Tech Manager - Toronto” award at the 2017 Timmy Awards.

Vanessa is a founding member of TourRadar's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion taskforce, and she has spoken publicly about the topic at Women | Future Conference in New York and the Customer Support Leaders podcast. As an avid traveler herself, Vanessa believes that the education one gains through travel uniquely fosters global citizenship and a deeper understanding of community. Vanessa currently resides in Toronto, Ontario and her favorite multi-day touring experience was exploring the pyramids of Egypt in 2019.