About us

We’re an inquisitive team of creative problem solvers, tech wizards, and passionate travellers who work in tandem to bring life-changing touring experiences to the world. We’re proud to be leading the charge in bringing the touring industry online. If you love technology and travel, welcome home.

Our Vision

To connect people to life-enriching travel experiences.

Travis and Shawn witnessed this first-hand when they began going on tours. They saw the power that travel has to bring people together from varying backgrounds, cultures, countries and religions, and sought to give people across the globe the same great experiences that they had.

Our Mission

To be the online marketplace for touring.

TourRadar provides travellers with everything they need to plan and book their next great escape in one place. From thoughtfully crafted tours and their itineraries, videos and photos, to how-to guides and travel experts available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Year by Year Highlights

  1. TourRadar.com is launched

  2. TourRadar launches Facebook apps for the touring industry

  3. The first angel investment is secured

  4. TourRadar's booking engine goes live

  5. Worldwide 24/7 customer service is launched

  6. TourRadar expands to North America

  7. Series A investment is secured

  8. Series B investment is secured

  9. Series C investment is secured

TourRadar Co-Founders

Leadership Team

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