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Private Versus Group Adventures: Which Is Right for You?

Do you dream of exploring the world with only family and friends? Or, are you ready to get out and meet new people? Either way, our private and group adventures offer different benefits so you have the freedom to choose which tour type is right for you. 

Planning a trip should be fun and easy; that’s why we’ve highlighted the main questions surrounding private and group tours – and even included a handy checklist below – so you can enjoy the perfect holiday, every time!

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Explore the world on a private or group tour | © Mike Swigunski/Unsplash

1. Who do you want to travel with?

Private Tours: Whether you want to travel solo, with friends, or with family, a private tour gives you complete freedom to select your group.

Group Tours: If you’re looking to meet new friends or simply want to travel in the comfort of a group tour, then this option is ideal.

Iconic Monument Valley, USA
Monument Valley, USA | © Ken Cheung/Unsplash

Travel to: the USA

2. Looking to personalize your adventure?

Private Tours: Choose one of our ready-to-book adventures and turn it into a private tour just for your group. Keep the expertly crafted itinerary exactly as it is or personalize it (i.e., add a winery tour or substitute one of the stops along the way).

Group Tours: The beauty of a group tour is that everything has already been carefully and thoughtfully planned by the experts in order to help you get the most out of your trip! With that said, many group tours also offer optional activities or free time so you may enjoy some flexibility.

A group of people enjoy a camel riding adventure at sunset by the Pyramids of Giza
The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt | © Simon Berger/Unsplash

Travel to: Egypt

3. How flexible are your travel dates?

Private Tours: If you can’t find the perfect departure date on our TourRadar website, then our Travel Experts and tour operators will do their best to accommodate you.  

Group Tours: We offer a wide variety of group tour departures so you are sure to find a date that works for you!

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Experience the world with your close friends | © Tron Le/Unsplash

4. Are you traveling with young children or elderly people?

Private Tours: If you’re traveling with young children or elderly family and friends, then a private adventure is especially convenient because you can determine the pace. 

Group Tours: With thousands of group tours to choose from, there is something for everyone. Moreover, our filters make it easy to add an age range to your trip search.

With the child sitting on his father's shoulders, the family of three stands happily on the beach and enjoys their private adventure
Enjoy a private tour with your family | © Larry Crayton/Unsplash

Checklist for Private Adventures

  • Add your personal touch to one of our ready-to-book adventures. 
  • Handpick your travel companions.
  • Control the pace of the tour. 
  • Enjoy a tour focused solely on your travel group. (However, please note some trip styles may vary. As a result, we recommend checking the tour description or asking our Travel Experts for more information.)
  • Select the travel date that works best for you. (Because many of our tour operators will even allow you to choose a date that is not listed on the TourRadar website, we are sure to find the perfect adventure for you!)

Checklist for Group Adventures

  • Choose one of our multi-day group tours and enjoy a set itinerary that covers everything and more! 
  • Meet new people and make friends on your group adventure. 
  • Choose your preferred group size (i.e., small tours with less than 12 people or large tours with 20+ people).
  • Enjoy the benefit of having a knowledgeable trip leader.
  • View our wide variety of group tour departures and choose the best date for you!
View from the water of the colorful hillside houses of the Amalfi Coast, Italy with a small boat in the foreground
Amalfi Coast, Italy | © Tom Podmore/Unsplash

Travel to: Italy

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Stephanie is a Content Specialist at TourRadar. You can find her cooking, playing tennis, or exploring the world as she strives to reach her goal of visiting 100 countries before 2025.

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