Days to Come is an online travel magazine by TourRadar that offers readers a momentary departure from the daily grind. We work to create and source the most engaging travel tips and stories that will excite, inspire and amaze you.

Launched in December 2015, Days to Come is managed by TourRadar’s editorial team who actively contribute content while also seeking out diverse groups of writers from around the world. The purpose of this online magazine is to connect with fellow travellers and join an ever growing community of global wanderers whose lives have been touched by travel. Experience every corner of the world, every story to be told and start looking forward to your days to come.


Jackie works at TourRadar and is a travel addicted Canadian who is eternally searching for an escape from the harsh mistress that is the Canadian winter.


Based in Toronto, Katie has travelled to over 25 countries and loves going to new places, trying new food and cooking as much as she can.


Jillian is a professional travel enthusiast and facilitator who is lucky to be part of the amazing Toronto team at TourRadar.


Antonia is a passionate writer and an avid reader. Eat well and travel often is her personal life motto. When she’s not writing or reading, she loves getting out in nature.


From his hometown of Sydney, Australia, Sebastian has turned travel into a profession. Starting out as a tour guide in Sydney, he then moved to Europe to lead tours across the continent.


Born and raised in Austria then packed my bags at the age of 20 and moved to San Diego, CA. There I got my degree in Marketing and worked as a Marketing and Event Coordinator in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

Interested in contributing?

Thanks for your interest in contributing to TourRadar’s Days to Come Magazine. We read every submission but unfortunately can only reply to candidates who meet our requirements.

Feel free to pitch any topic you like – as long as it’s travel related. It can be a moving personal narrative, a photo essay, recipes and all topics in between. We are looking for a range of well researched, quality articles (think shareable, with a personable and relatable tone). As a guideline, an article should be between 500 and 2,000 words.

Please note: Previously published work cannot be considered. This includes content that has appeared on blogs, tumblrs and your personal websites. If you are interested in re-writing an article you’ve previously posted somewhere else, let’s talk: jackie (at)