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see elephants at waterhole

Best time to visit Botswana

Botswana is famous for its population of elephants, the lush Okavango Delta, and as a world-class safari destination. Every year, thousands of travellers visit Botswana to get a taste of it all - will you be one of them? Discover the best time to visit Botswana, depending on what you're most interested in seeing and doing while you're there.

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Best time for a safari in Botswana

The best time for a safari in Botswana depends on which park you'd like to visit. There are two main areas of interest for safaris in Botswana: Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. Both of these areas are incredible safari destinations, allowing travellers glimpses at members of the Big Five, cultural experiences, and amazing views of Botswana's natural beauty. One of the best parts of visiting Botswana for an African safari is the fact that the country's national parks are much less crowded than other African safari destinations. 

Chobe National Park
Chobe National Park is known for its large herds of elephants and buffalo - head to the Chobe Riverfront during the dry season for once-in-a-lifetime views of native animals.
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Okavango Delta
When the sprawling plains of the Okavango Delta flood, the area is transformed into a lush escape for hippos, elephants, and crocodiles. Visiting this remote reserve is like stepping into a different world.
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Did you know?

Pro tip for budget travellers
The cheapest time to fly to Botswana is usually January or February, but budget-conscious travellers should also keep in mind that flights during the week, rather than weekends, are often markedly less expensive. 
Pro tip for families
The best time to travel to Botswana for families may be between April to October when conditions are great for spotting wildlife, rain is infrequent, and there are fewer mosquitoes in the area. 

Best month to visit Botswana

Must see in Botswana

spotting elephants at the water

Best time to visit Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park can be visited throughout the year, but one of the best times to visit Botswana for wildlife is from May to September. Wildlife will migrate through the park with the changing of seasons, but the riverfront area is best visited in the dry season (May to October). During the wet season, animals such as zebras will migrate to the Savute Marsh. Travellers should consider what animals they'd like to see in Botswana before deciding which month they'd like to visit Chobe National Park. 

Best months: May - September

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okavango delta from above

Best time to visit Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is magical and rewarding no matter when you visit, but some of the best months for wildlife viewing are from July to October. While the wet season, from January to March, brings some amazing sights with it, some areas of the delta become inaccessible and travellers should inquire about what areas will be accessible while planning their visit. During the dry season, flooding is actually at its highest point, which means it's the perfect time for mokoro (a type of dugout canoe) trips. 

Best months: July - October
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Climate in Botswana

best time to spot elephants
  1. Dry Season


    The dry season, from April to October in Botswana, sees little to no rainfall. This season is also the best time to view game, as animals gather around available sources of water. In the Okavango Delta, the channels become narrow and the floodplains are dry. Only permanent rivers, like the Chobe River in Chobe National Park, will remain at the height of the dry season, which makes it a perfect chance to see all kinds of animals. By the end of the season, conditions are extremely humid, as the area prepares for the extreme rainfall of the wet season. 

  2. Rainy Season


    The wet season is also the summer season in Botswana, so along with the wet conditions, temperatures also soar in the wet season. Since there is so much rainfall during this time, some roads will become inaccessible, and more remote lodges and camps may close. However, travellers who plan carefully and aren't afraid of getting wet may have a great safari experience during the wet season: prices are lower, lodges are less crowded, and there is an abundance of wildlife, including many amazing species of bird.

Temperatures and rainfall in Botswana

Unlike some other African countries, the weather in Botswana changes remarkably depending on the season, and even sometimes the area of the country! The Okavango Delta, for example, is often much cooler, even in the hot and humid months, because of its abundance of water. Travellers should carefully consider the month of their visit when packing for their safari - some months require plenty of layers!


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