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Headquarters in Philadelphia, USA

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  • A
    Written on February 9th, 2023
    Much improved. I have been to Japan twice now both times with Discovi and this was by far the best trip I could have imagined. There are new guides all local Ja…
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  • A
    Written on February 9th, 2023
    I expected this to be more touristy but I WAS SO SHOCKED This is a local tour! I felt like we had the nicest guides all Japanese and they knew so many little sp…
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  • Hidden Tokyo Experience reviewer 3
    Written on November 13th, 2019
    BUYER BE AWARE. If you are looking for a good experience with great food and included activities for the steep $600 cost, this tour probably isn't for you. I…
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    Discovi Travel commented on this review
    We are sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great time with us. Our company is created for budget travellers, who want to explore the world at an affordable price, so we choose to make our activities optional. We have stated which ones are included on the package, and which ones are not on the itinerary. We give an authentic Tokyo breakfast experience, and Onigiri represents that. We will try to diversify our options in the future as much as we can. Transportation in Tokyo can be confusing, which is why We inform you in advance, with hands on teachings so you learn and familiarize yourself with them. This is also why we provide our customers with unlimited metro pass for the Tokyo metro line company and zones which cover all of Tokyo thru their network for easy travel. We apologize for not explaining this in clearer detail before the trip. We chose the current hostel mainly for convenient location. We are also looking for other options for better experience in the future. We tried our best to make our itinerary entertaining but also with comforting time table for everyone. We will look for ways to make them better in the future trips. As for the incident in that day, it was a final, free day for our customers, so our guide has a day off. You could still contact other staff members if you wanted. At last, we’re glad that you found some new friends. It’s one of our trip’s aims for people to make new connections. I hope you enjoy your time in Tokyo and decide to visit again. Thank you for your feedback!
  • Hidden Tokyo Experience reviewer 4
    Written on October 4th, 2019
    Please READ before booking. This is not to badger anyone but I want people to be aware of the facts and my experience with Discovi. The description provided at…
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    Discovi Travel commented on this review
    We are sorry about your experience. This is not usual. Due to the typhoon, a lot of plans had to be changed, delayed, or cancelled. We tried our best to navigate through it, but it seemed there are still some problems that we should have communicated better. As all public and private transportation was shut down that day, we are unable to pick you up in the airport as we usually do. For our $499 trip, lunch and dinner is not included, but we do cover breakfasts for the whole week. Our regular photographer was also affected by the typhoon and couldn’t work for us, so we had to hire a new one. We chose the current hostel for the travel convenient, but we are also looking for other options for better experience. For our itinerary at Yoyogi Park, due to the delay, we only got to walk through it on the temple side as we had to get to our resermvations at the Kill Bill Restaurant in time. As for Odaiba, this was never part of this particular trip, as it was specifically created for people who also want to go to Tokyo Game Show. On that day you simply have a free day if you did not want to go to the event. We are really sorry about the mis comunication of that And are working on making that more clear for future trips. As for Kamakura, we did not cancel this but as all intinary is optional we asked if you would still like to go even though all the other guest have decided to do other things. and you chose not to go by yourself and the guide. Which is perfectly fine. The incident At the lemonade stand We just tried to tell you at the lemonade stand that our next activity won’t allow to bring a drink. We try to include a lot of activities, so that everyone will get to do something they enjoy. Some of them might not be covered by the package, but it was optional and we did state as such on the itinerary. Our provided metro pass is for unlimited trip, but it’s for specific company and zone for easiest travel. We apologize for not explaining to you in more detail. Before the trip. In conclusion, we are very sorry about this unfortunate situation. We will learn from this and make changes to improve future customer experience. Thank you for your feedback.
  • SH
    Written on October 3rd, 2019
    great trip! such nice tour guides and an amazing group. the time spent with my tour group and the memories we made are unforgettable ♡
  • Hidden Tokyo Experience reviewer 6
    Written on September 9th, 2019
    As somebody who appreciates my alone time, I can say that the tour catered to this aspect whilst still having a nice balance of socialising with the group. Fort…
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  • Italian Adventure: Naples,Rome & the Amalfi Coast  reviewer 7
    Written on July 22nd, 2019
    Great Tour, missed a few things due to personal ns reasons but definitely a great way to explore this part of Italy in a week.
  • DM
    Written on July 13th, 2019
    Great group of people, Lloyd knows all the tips around the city and knows about the history of it...
  • Hidden Tokyo Experience reviewer 9
    Written on June 20th, 2019
    Had a great time, great balance of group time and solo time, and made awesome memories. Truly a hidden experience, you really do feel like you are living in Tok…
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  • EJ
    Written on June 11th, 2019
    An excellent tour for people who want to learn how to travel Tokyo and Japan in general comfortably alone and on a budget! Also check their own website for hot…
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We want to take out the stereotype that travel is expensive and let You travel the countries of your dreams for only $499. We are DIscovi Travel and we run 8-day social group travel trips for 18 - 35-year-olds all across the world. Each group consists of 8-10 like-minded travelers per group. This year we are going to Japan, Croatia, Italy, and Thailand! Our main goal is to help people who never thought they would be able to travel to get out there and turn their dream into reality.


18 - 35 year olds only
8 Day Trips to Destinations across the World
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