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If you're a travel junkie, then there's one list you anticipate the most: Lonely Planet's Best in Travel. Every year, their think tank curates a collection of the best places in the world for travel. This time, TourRadar has teamed up with Lonely Planet to bring you the best selection of tours for these coveted destinations! Here are the countries for Best in Travel 2020.


  • #1 Bhutan

    Would you pay just to step foot in a Buddhist kingdom comprised of monasteries, fortresses, and stirring mountain scenery? Travellers may need to part with a small fortune to experience Bhutan's beauty –– the country charges visitors per day to ensure sustainable tourism –– but they leave a thousand times richer for it.
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  • #2 England

    The English coast is precisely how you imagine: sandy pebbled shores, places for a spot of tea, shops that sell vanilla soft-serve with half a Flake chocolate bar, and trails along the bluffs. As long as it's not raining, there's always a reason to be beside the sea. The England Coast Path launches in 2020, making it the perfect time to visit. 
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  • #3 North Macedonia

    As a country, North Macedonia bears witness to the idiom that good things come in small packages. Being a little country in the Balkans may add to North Macedonia's charm, but it's also rich in historical traditions, culinary arts and nature, so makes a big impact. 2020 is the year for you to embark on an adventure here. 
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  • #4 Aruba

    With its all inclusive-resorts, it wasn't hard for this vacation island to make a name for itself amongst travellers. But fast forward to 2020 and you'll find a getaway in Aruba couldn't be more different. Ditch the touristy resorts in favour of newer, sustainable accommodation options and tours that bring you closer to Aruba's picture-perfect beaches. 
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  • #5 Eswatini

    The Kingdom of Eswatini is a landlocked country in southern Africa that's famous for wilderness reserves and festivals that are a testimony to Swazi culture. For an out of this world experience -- from trekking to observing wild rhinos -- this country is your one-stop-shop. You may not be able to visit the mythical Wakanda, but word has it that Eswatini isn't far-off. 
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  • #6 Costa Rica

    Protecting a biodiverse tropical haven is no mean feat, but in Costa Rica, the locals have made an art of it. 90% of the country's energy is down to renewable sources, so no matter the adventure, you can rest assured that your global footprint treads softly here. 2020 is the year to fall head over heels with Costa Rica. 
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  • #7 The Netherlands

    In 2020, the Netherlands will celebrate 75 years of freedom since the end of WWII, and consider yourself cordially invited. Follow the party through a landscape of vibrant cities, windmills, tulip fields, canals and old-world architecture via the country's intricate network of train routes and cycling paths. 
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  • #8 Liberia

    You may not be able to conjure images of this west African country, and that's exactly why it's such a joy to visit. If you've earmarked 2020 as the year for an adventure that's remarkably off-beat and full of incredible discoveries, you'll find it in Liberia. Picture idyllic surf spots, pygmy hippos, and losing yourself to lush rainforest. 
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  • #9 Morocco

    Begin your day in a stunning locally-run riad and end it sipping mint tea on a rooftop. In Morocco, travellers can have a vacation where they lean into the culture without trying so hard it becomes contrived. The ancient medinas are a doorway to the past, and the architecture is a royal affair, and the desert is a playground for adventure unto its own. 
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  • #10 Uruguay

    You may have overlooked Uruguay in favour of other destinations, but make 2020 the year to rectify that by visiting South America's unsung hero. For an unexpected adventure in 2020, Uruguay is the place to be. Let the locals inspire you, kick-back at the beach or just dive headfirst into the country's nature, food, culture, art and music. 
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