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Have you ever wondered what makes Finland the happiest country in the world?

Perhaps it’s the country’s social support networks, social trust, or honest government. Maybe it’s their safe environment, healthy life expectancy, or affinity for the great outdoors. While these factors certainly contribute, one thing is missing from this list: it’s what the Finns call “luxury with a twist.” It’s the luxury of having never-ending daylight in the summer, fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, untouched nature, and sheer, endless space to explore. Simply put: it’s the luxury of space and time.

  • Åland Archipelago

    Finland’s beauty extends beyond the mainland out to the Åland Archipelago, covering more than 6,500 islands. Located on the west coast of Finland, the Åland Islands can be found in the heart of the Baltic Sea. Although only 60 or so are inhabited, you won’t be short of experiences to enjoy including exploring the many hiking trails, visiting historic museums or embarking on a kayaking adventure. 

  • Turku Archipelago

    Picture this: fresh air, an abundance of birdlife to watch and plenty of cycling routes that you can take at your own pace makes the Turku Archipelago on the south-west coast an obvious choice for nature lovers. Boasting an impressive number of islands (an odd 20,000 or so) means there are plenty of natural wonders to marvel at. 

  • Helsinki

    Like any bustling capital, Helsinki is the starting point for most adventures in Finland however it’d be a shame to treat it as just a stopover. Take time to explore the Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church), the Sibelius Monument, the Uspensky Russian Orthodox Cathedral then enjoy the atmosphere of the Market Square on the harbour. 

    • Lakeland

      If you haven’t heard of the Lakeland area, we guarantee you’ll want to add it to your Finland itinerary. Lakeland is where you will find sparkling waters as far as the eye can see along with luscious forests that cover the majority of central Finland. Cruise on a traditional steamboat, kayak through the waters, spend time in a quintessential cottage or don a pair of ice skates in winter. 

    • Lapland

      Lapland might conjure images of the northern lights, husky-led sled rides, icy forests and traditional cabins blanketed in snow, but there is more to this winter wonderland than you might expect. During summer, Lapland is where you can spend time along the Hetta-Pallas Trail, learn more about Sami culture and explore Lake Inari or Rovaniemi. 

    • Porvoo

      Take a step back in time and visit the medieval town of Porvoo, famous for its historic Old Town that dates back to the Middle Ages. Make sure you carve out time to visit the most recognizable landmark; a row of crooked orange and red houses that sit along the river before making your way to the Porvoo Cathedral that was constructed during the 11th century. 

      When to Visit

      when to visit
      1. June to August

        Summer Season

        During the summer months of June through August is when Finland is at its busiest. This is also when the country truly sparkles and offers long, sunshine-filled days with surprisingly warm temperatures for a country located so far north in Europe. Visitors should keep in mind that June and July are when locals are most likely to take their vacation and it is worth noting that accommodation and transport arrangements should be booked well in advance. 

      2. October to March

        Winter Season

        Across the months of October through March is when the days are dark and cold, however, this is also when winter-based activities and sports are in full swing and aurora-spotting chances are at their highest. Technically these months might be seen to be the ‘low season’ in southern Finland however do not be deterred by a drop in temperature as it is actually high season in Lapland as there are plenty of attractions and experiences to fulfil the interests of all travellers. 

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