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Himalayan Scenery Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Himalayan Scenery Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal

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  • Classic Everest Base Camp Trek-15 Days  reviewer 1
    Written on January 21st, 2020
    This was my second trip to Mt.Everest base camp with Himalayan Scenery Treks with my family. They responded my email very quick and answered every questions. O…
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    Himalayan Scenery Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd. commented on this review
    Thank You so much for taking time to review our company. Hope to see you in your next adventure trip in Nepal
  • A
    Written on January 20th, 2020
    Himalayan scenery treks is an amazing company ram was such a humble man who took a good care of me he briefed about the tour and possible difficulties that may …
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  • A
    Written on January 20th, 2020
    Everest base camp is truely a paradise. I was planning this tri since 2016 and finally i reached the everest base camp. Seeing the everest from close just left …
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    Himalayan Scenery Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd. commented on this review
    Thank You Anna for taking time to review our Company. We are glad that you enjoyed your trip. We will be happy to serve you again
  • A

    Mardi Himal Trek

    Written on January 20th, 2020
    Amazing place to visit. Travelling with himalayn scenery treks was the best decission i made. Such a warm and helping people. They took care of everything and w…
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About Himalayan Scenery Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition offers premium and the most inclusive adventure trips in Nepal. Our programs ensure you experience the whole gamut of this astonishing exciting country. If you are looking for something unusual, then you’d like to experience wilderness outings in a league of its own with Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition. Despite our academic background, we started as helpers’ way back in the year 2013, and we’ve never been more passionate about offering you with travel experiences so emotionally fulfilling. We are convinced that travelling should be able to capture our thoughts and give us rousing experiences while discovering the unknown from the known; our gigantic mountains teach us so much about life, something new about the world and ourselves. Our first foray into the gentle wild was with the famous Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, and this is when we began to see the need for expert travel encounters in locations that offer unusual adventures, making everyone happy. It’s now in our DNA to organise exceptional adventure travel ventures for those who want to enjoy vacations with a slight difference from the routine run. Simply get set and jet in to our amazing country Nepal, there’s always something extraordinary for everyone. Varied niche Tours and Treks with Real Life Experiences… We arrange close knitted compact group tours for 10-24 travellers with exclusive opportunities to get going with likeminded people. Deciding holidays to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India can be a difficult decision to make independently, but we work with you to make an easy choice. We have a good association of ground operators beyond our borders in fellow Himalayan countries, all of whom are dedicated to providing outstanding travel services. Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition provides all visitors with meaningful cultural and wilderness experiences that offers a sense of purpose. It can be a brainstorming hike on the king of all circuits – the ‘Annapurna Circuit’ in Nepal or a stroll through the ancient bartering Backhoe market in Tibet; go on a hike through spectacular landscapes to the famous Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery in Bhutan or discover true Love in the world’s most iconic monument to Love, the – Taj Mahal in India. An unforgettable holiday in the sunshine awaits you when you plan your holidays through us. Planet earth is huge, you might have been to some parts of the world, but there’s always someplace that could have passed you by, a place out of the ordinary and new to explore. The gist of travel can be a search for something that you just can’t Google. You may be impressed with the highlights, but the real holiday choice is when you tread a path less known. It’s the little unseen snack bars, concealed galleries and backstreet handicraft shops with items you hadn’t imagined. These are real life experiences you won’t find in a search engine. Our delightful mix of holidays gives visitors a treat they probably never knew before. This includes all season al fresco breaks, cultural tours, historical excursions, classic countryside walks, overland tours, visiting select heritage sites, exciting mountain bike tours and spiritual tours along with cozy home stays. Furthermore, participate in practical volunteer programs and enjoy unique jungle safaris, all domestic & international ticketing services, yoga & meditation with spa therapies, treks on off-the-beat-trails, go-wild river rafting, kayaking and dependable transportation services throughout the Himalayas; these are all part of our range of holidays which shouldn’t be missed. Browse through our website for tour offerings and choose your next adventure. There’s so much of something for everyone… Getting friendly with locals As an adventure tour operator, it’s our belief that no holiday is complete without communicating with the local folks. It’s a big step towards bridging the gaps between the developed world and a world we’ve never been familiar with but may have heard about through different social media platforms. We literally go the mile to create some great friendships between different identities for some great bonding amidst thought provoking landscapes on the trails. Our efforts have transpired into building communicative networks with communities located in some of the most inaccessible mountainous terrain on earth; bringing smiles and hope to a beautiful world lesser known. Experience over the years enlightened us to the fact that holidays were not just a whirlwind tour of cruising past classic heritage monuments in a luxury bus. With us it’s a notch up, visitors will get upfront experience of different cultures, soak in the history and become a part of the story that they have traveled to experience. Our group tours/treks are geared to get you to unfamiliar spots you’d never expected to see, and do things that very few travelers do, and then return home with memories to take you through the years. A sense of Responsible Travel…in Practice Tourism is a massive money spinner and one of the most noteworthy and leading services industry on the planet. This industry employs more people globally than any other, with millions of families who depend on tourism for their absolute survival. On the other hand, tourism also has its fair share of negatives. In the decades gone by, there have been reports of troubling stories where tourism seems to have over done itself in areas of development, collateral damage to environments with cultural obstacles and mistrust. Nepal saw its share of bitter ordeals, the worst being a series of earthquakes that brought the country to its knees, but we’ve risen from the ashes and the bitter experiences will, hopefully, always keep us alert to prevent the kind of disasters we experienced in the fateful year of 2015. At Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, we design small group programs so that the impacts on tourism will have positive results and produce paybacks to many communities, as we go on to find ways to conserve the environments we wish to see and enjoy, and offer positive social exchanges that make holidays so much more meaningful and enjoyable. Unique Holidays for Special People No matter which part of the world globetrotters live in, we are happy to invite you to this part of the world to bask in holidays with an exceptional difference. We have learnt to design and offer out-of-the-box experiences for travellers on the lookout for something creative and distinctive. Visit striking destinations; hike through chocolate box hamlets, dancing waterfalls and epic mountain ranges. Our tours are thoroughly organized and leave visitors enough space to enjoy their way. Our widespread portfolio of travel options has programs to match the greenhorns and persuade the most hardened traveller. Chat with our friendly experienced online staff for trips that make holidays so worthwhile, after all, these are once in a lifetime vacations with unforgettable moments to cherish for a whole lifetime. Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition takes pride on what it has accomplished till date, serving visitors with a sense of gratification and the utmost in safety, without leaving out the fun and joy of camaraderie, perhaps this is why we are so different, because we love and enjoy what we do. We’ve always been in a league of our own, and we’ll never look back…


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