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About Us

We're adventure seekers, travel experts, and explorers who've collectively ventured to 160+ countries around the globe. We have passports full of life-enriching travel experiences, and we'd like to share that with you!

TourRadar the Adventure Booking Platform

About TourRadar

TourRadar is the world’s first Adventure Booking Platform, where you can effortlessly book private, group, and tailor-made multi-day organized adventures from 160+ countries around the world.

Traditionally, booking an organized tour was a tedious and time-consuming process. Where will I stay? What activities will I do? What meals am I going to have? What operator can I trust? TourRadar makes booking multi-day tours seamless and timely, partnering with 2,500+ operators to offer more than 50,000+ adventures in 160+ countries. Founded in 2010, TourRadar was the first to transition multi-day tours to an online marketplace, making them the leader in the industry. In 2021, TourRadar further revolutionized the industry by introducing the Adventure Booking Platform, connecting travelers, operators, and travel advisors to organized adventures through one platform.
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Travis Pittman, CEO and Founder of TourRadarTravis Pittman, CEO
If our goal is to rebuild travel in a better way in the post-pandemic world and we want more people to get out of the main tourist hubs and experience themselves and the planet on a new more meaningful and sustainable level, there is no better solution than organized adventures. 'Adventure' means something different to all of us, here at TourRadar we simply define an adventure as a collection of experiences that are fulfilling to the soul because an adventure is whatever you want it to be - whether that be a Tuscany wine tour or an Everest base camp trek.

Why TourRadar?

  • Sustainable Adventures

    Supporting the Future of Tourism and signing the Glasgow Declaration, we support operators with sustainable initiatives and provide options to offset carbon emissions when checking out. Read More
  • Peace of Mind Program

    Travel plans change and we get that! With flexible booking conditions and extensive insurance options, we are there for you when your travel plans take an unexpected turn. See My Options
  • Travellers' Choice Accreditation

    We award operators with a prestigious Travellers’ Choice badge, to make it easy to find and book adventures with those who craft outstanding travel experiences. Read More
  • Largest Selection of Adventures

    Offering 50,000+ adventures on all continents, TourRadar allows you to easily find and book your favorite organized adventure, seamlessly on one convenient platform. Find My Adventure
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    With offices in Australia, Europe, and North America, our team of Travel Experts are here to make finding and booking your adventure seamless and timely. Contact Us
  • Best Price Guarantee

    Partnering with 2,500+ operators to give you the best deals around, when you book your adventure on TourRadar you're getting the best travel experiences for the best prices. See Terms

We're the Travel Experts

Have you ever rolled out of bed with excitement in your eyes ready to smash the day ahead? Well, every day here at TourRadar that's our reality. Whilst a good coffee does help (we know a good brew when we taste one!) we embrace the growth mindset and collaborate on new and exciting projects together to ensure our travelers set off on life-enriching travel experiences. With offices in Vienna, Toronto, and Brisbane, as well as remote teams that know how to choose the best virtual backgrounds, together we practice what we preach eager to travel to almost every corner of this wonderful world.

TourRadar Travel Experts from Around the World

Our Favourite Adventures

Asking us why we love adventures is like asking the Cookie Monster why he likes cookies! For real though, we're a team of adventurers who have collectively traveled to 160+ countries all across the globe, and to this day we're still adding to that list. Adventures are part of our DNA, they're the reason we get up in the morning and they're the reason we help book adventures for others to fall in love with them too. Adventures are unexpected, they're exciting, they're something that's pretty hard to find in your day-to-day - which is why we've piled together some of our favorite adventure travel experiences for you to try out for yourself!

  • Safari Adventures in Africa

    Safari Adventures

    "It’s seeing the animals as free as you are, it’s feeling truly lost in the wilderness, it’s realizing the early mornings are worth it after a day of excitement."
  • River Cruises and Sailing Adventures

    River Cruise Adventures

      "It’s the simplicity, it’s the sunset drinks on the balcony together, it’s the new destination every day, it’s the time to treat yourself after the kids have moved out!"
      • Hiking and Trekking Adventures

        Hiking Adventures

        "It’s the serenity, it’s the sense of achievement, it’s the making the months of training worth it, it’s escaping the nine-to-five for a time out in nature."
      • Wine Tasting and Food & Drink Adventures

        Wine Tasting Adventures

        "It’s the flavors you can’t buy at your local bottle shop, it’s the exclusivity of a behind-the-scenes peek, it’s the quality time with your loved one."
      • Festivals & Events Adventures

        Christmas & New Year Adventures

        "It’s satisfying your inner party animal, it’s feeling like a kid again, it’s the pure happiness that overwhelms your body as you bring your dreams to life."
      • Cultural Adventures

        Cultural Adventures

        "It's seeing the textbooks we read in school come to life, it’s being grateful for the lives we live now, it’s the overwhelming sensation of connecting with our faith in a way that a church cannot."

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      Throughout the past decade, TourRadar has evolved from an online marketplace for multi-day tours to leading the charge in adventure distribution. Read about our evolution from some of the top publications in the industry.

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