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The TourRadar solution is a technology based marketing platform for the multi-day tour industry, utilising B2C connections. These connections enable your products to be exposed to millions of travellers through our own consumer marketing efforts (B2C).

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  • Your tours listed on the Marketplace
  • Entry to Tour and Guide of the Year Contests along with Travellers' Choice Awards
  • Unbiased reviews platform (TourRadar & Mobile)
  • Tours, Reviews and Meet Others apps for your Facebook page
  • Traveller's payment pre-authorised and all final payments handled by TourRadar
  • Reviews, awards widgets and badges ready for you to use
Free to use. Only pay commission on successful bookings.
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How it works

We provide you real bookings where the traveller has provided their credit card details, awaiting you to confirm their booking. All bookings are handled within the TourRadar Messenger system, which connects you directly with the customers and is monitored by the 24/7 TourRadar Travel Experts Team.
  1. Search & compare tours on
  2. Traveller books and enters credit card details
  3. TourRadar pre-authorises payment
  4. Tour Operator confirms and then payment is secured by TourRadar
  5. Traveller goes on tour and leaves a review