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As lovers of all things adventure, TourRadar attracts travelers from all over the world who are looking to chase the same experiences we know and love. If you're like us and love to explore this unpredictable world of ours, then we'd love to have you onboard our TourRadar Affiliate Program! Our travelers are passionate, have a variety of interests, and are not afraid to dive headfirst into adventures that broaden their view of this crazy, beautiful world.

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  • The TourRadar Affiliate Program allows you to earn competitive commission

  • The TourRadar Affiliate Program provides tips and tricks to optimize your travel content

  • The TourRadar Affiliate Program helps you grow your audience

Everything you need to know

  • What does an affiliate do?

    An affiliate earns a commission for advertising another company’s products, whether it'd be through an onsite widget or an affiliate link. The best part about being an affiliate, you can work from anywhere - from a boat on the Galapagos Islands to the futuristic streets of Tokyo!
  • How do I become a travel affiliate?

    Do you love traveling and setting off on adventures? Simply document your adventure via social media, YouTube, a blog, or your very own website and you'll be eligible to become a travel affiliate. 
  • Who can join the TourRadar Affiliate Program?

    Anyone with an online presence who shares the same brand values as we do. Simply connect your website to TourRadar through affiliate links and dynamic widgets to advertize and effectively monetize your traffic. The TourRadar Affiliate Program allows you to combine links and widgets, giving you freedom and flexibility in how you communicate with your audience.
  • Why should I become a TourRadar affiliate?

    At TourRadar, we see our affiliates as fellow adventurers who love to share their experiences around the world with their audience. Connect your readers to the life-enriching experiences you love and we'll reward you with a competitive commission for your referral. 
  • What affiliate solutions are available?

    TourRadar is currently working on implementing a few different affiliate solutions. These include website banners, widgets, affiliate links, a Search & Content API, as well as a White Label Solution. These easy-to-implement solutions will be available for partners to use within our TourRadar Affiliate Program by mid-2022. Apply now to stay updated on our latest releases for affiliates!
  • How much can I earn as a TourRadar affiliate?

    We love connecting travelers with our wonderful world, which is why we are proud to offer those who sign up for the TourRadar Affiliate Program a competitive commission. With an average booking value of USD 3,000, you can enjoy a competitive commission rate of up to USD 180 for every sale made!

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