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  • Africa Encompassed Group Overland Tour reviewer 1
    Written on March 23rd, 2021
    I have done three tours with this Company and are bored on another one. This is the best way to travel in remote places and have a full immersion also in not to…
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    Madventure commented on this review
    Hi Laura, thank you so much for the great review! Always good to have you & Giancarlo on the tours. And you are a very good chef too! I will never forget the 3 course Italian meal you & Giancarlo made for us in Mexico ;-) We look forward to getting back on the road with you in the near future. Ciao, Will
  • Africa Encompassed Group Overland Tour reviewer 2
    Written on July 2nd, 2020
    I had a life changing experience travelling from UK to OZ with Madventure in 2011 and therefore had no qualms in choosing them to ferry me around Africa in 2018…
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  • Cape Town to Cairo Group Overland Tour reviewer 3
    Written on February 20th, 2020
    In 2019 I joined madventure on the 5 month Cape to Cairo tour - and it was amazing! I had the time of my life on this trip - I ticked off many bucket list items…
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    Madventure commented on this review
    Hey Maki, thank you very much for your review of your trip, it was awesome having you guys with us and we can't wait to travel with you again! "Good times" indeed ;-) Cheers, Karen
  • Africa Encompassed Group Overland Tour reviewer 4
    Written on January 23rd, 2020
    In September 2019 I completed the 10 month Africa Encompassed trip and it was definitely a once in a lifetime adventure. We travelled overland to over 30 count…
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    Madventure commented on this review
    Thanks for your comments Brad. Was a pleasure travelling with you and thanks for all your help along the way. Would be great to travel with you again sometime, maybe on the Alaska to Brazil one day ;-) Cheers, Will
  • JC
    Written on January 6th, 2020
    This trip should've been brilliant but turned out mediocre. Thinking Madventure, just don't. Spend the extra for a much better run organisation. Karen, the com…
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    Madventure commented on this review
    Hi Julie. I am sorry to hear your trip experience with us was only mediocre. We have been running that tour for 15 years and strive to improve it every time. Unfortunately before your tour started China changed their foreigners driving age limits and did not allow foreign drivers over 50 to be able to drive in their country any more. This was completely unexpected and as your driver was 53 we had to make last minute alternative arrangements to get through China by local transport. I appreciate this meant that you had to carry your bags to the vehicles, hotels, etc. but that would have happened even if you were on the truck. The big difference you experienced by not having the truck was that we had to accommodate everyone in hotels in China instead of wild camping as we would have usually done and I apologise for this as it did change the camping ratio overall. The Silk Road trip also has other sections where no camping is done so when you asked if you could camp more we said yes, by all means do, but when you were then presented with the opportunities to camp it is my understanding that you chose not to. Your driver had worked for us for 10 years and your guide had worked for us for 4 years so they were both very experienced. In saying that we do appreciate that it can be tough going on these expeditions and they can get stressed at times, especially in a situation such as when a broken leaf spring caused you delay on the Pamir Highway. Passenger safety is a priority so he had no other option but to go ahead and find a replacement part. We do try and stress on our website that things like this can and usually do happen on every trip we run as it is the nature of overlanding. On another such occasion waiting for the unreliable Turkmenistan ferry I believe you then got verbally abusive with the tour leader when she was trying her utmost to explain she has no control over the situation. I know it can be frustrating hanging around in a foreign country but these things are to be expected in places like Turkmenistan, the ferry simply has no schedule so we have to wait at the terminal until it arrives or we risk missing it. Food can be difficult to find on occasion so we always recommend people have a small stash of food when we are travelling through remote areas but your complaint has now lead us to insist the crew have emergency lunches available to prepare on the truck when in remote areas so I can assure you that will not happen again. On your tour we actually exceeded the meal quota but lunches are generally not included. I understand you did not get along with your crew for various reasons so I apologise if you thought they handled any situations unsatisfactorily. Both crew no longer work for us but they did run successful tours for Madventure over many years. Our tour itinerary is outlined very clearly on our website and is designed to take in as many highlights as possible within reason so if you wanted extra time in certain countries perhaps this was not the right tour for you. 3 months is a long time for most travellers and adding extra weeks into huge countries like Kazakhstan would make the trip unnecessarily long. We also feel that our trucks and equipment are a step above all other companies vehicles but we do appreciate it can get rough back there on many of the gravel tracks we encounter so I apologise if you were uncomfortable at times. Finally, it is never nice for us to hear that someone did not enjoy a trip with us but I do hope you at least took some good experiences away with you. I have taken all your points on board and wish you happy travels for the future. Best regards, William
  • Iceland Group Overland Tour reviewer 6
    Written on November 18th, 2018
    Awesome way to experience Iceland. Six wheel drive truck allowed us to get up into the spectacular Highlands, view the majestic fjords and glaciers and visit t…
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  • Iceland Group Overland Tour reviewer 7
    Written on October 9th, 2018
    We had a great two weeks camping around Iceland this summer with Madventure despite some challenging weather! Having looked at quite a few trips we chose to our…
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  • D
    Written on September 1st, 2018
    Firstly, this trip is not for everyone and by no stretch of the imagination is it an easy way to travel. However having said that, if you love adventure and are…
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    Madventure commented on this review
    Thanks for your review of the 2017 London to Sydney Tour Denise, much appreciated! Hope to see you on the Africa tour in the next year or two ;-) Cheers, Will
  • Iceland Group Overland Tour reviewer 9
    Written on August 11th, 2018
    My husband and I just returned from a two weeks overlanding trip to Iceland. Even though the weather was really bad Madventure gave us a fabulous experience for…
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    Madventure commented on this review
    Hi Gaby and Norbert! Thank you so much for your review of our 2018 Iceland Tour! It was just wonderful having you both on board and I really hope you will join us again one day! Cheers, Karen
  • M
    Written on February 19th, 2018
    I recently finished Madventure's Alaska to Panama tour & cannot recommend them highly enough. This was my 3rd tour with Madventure having done 2 different rout…
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