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Cycle Europe

Cycle Europe

Headquarters in Forli, Italy

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About Cycle Europe

Cycle Europe has been running bicycle tours in Europe longer than most companies have existed (since 1972!) - so our ties to this region run deep. We’ve taken care of all the details for you. Our self-guided cycling holidays include suggestions for the best meals and unique activities, plenty of insider tips and stops along the way for a refreshment or that incredible view. On our guided group tours, you will enjoy the camaraderie of your group as you cycle through beautiful landscapes and charming towns. We know the best routes to the not-to-be-missed sights (as well as the lesser-known gems) while avoiding unnecessary traffic in and out of the cities. And finally, we are available for you with personalized, pre-tour advise and assistance, helping ensure your cycling vacations turn into a cherished experience. Our bike tours are also designed to be affordable, offering our customers a great overall value. Lastly, we are experts in designing custom itineraries, for groups of friends, couples, families or colleagues. If you are ready to make your dream a reality, please drop us a line, and let's get the conversation started!
Take a self-guided bike tour if want to:

Choose your own dates (see specific tours for details).
Add on extra itinerary options and customize your experience (see specific tours for optional add ins).
Leave when you wish each morning and enjoy detours and side trips along the way.
Are excited about the idea of cycling on your own and without a support vehicle every day.
Take a guided bike tour if you prefer to:
Join a local guide who will share insights into each destination.
Pedal with a small group each day as you explore new towns and taste local specialties.
Want a support vehicle (just in case!)


Based in Italy (Emilia-Romagna)
Top-notch itineraries and immersive travel experiences
Personalized pre-tour advise and assistance

Questions & Answers

  • Do you have bicycles and/or accessories for kids?

    SELF-GUIDED: Yes, we can normally fit children taller than 4’10’’ (1m47). For smaller kids we offer “Tag- Alongs” and “Kid’s Trailers”. On GUIDED TOURS, please consult for your specific departure.
  • Do you provide helmets?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: We require everyone to wear a helmet on tour. We recommend you bring your own for best fit and comfort (as well as hygiene reasons). If you prefer to not travel with your own helmet, we can provide a lightly used helmet upon request. Please be sure to provide your helmet size.
  • Who is responsible for the bikes if they are damaged or stolen?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: You are! You’ll agree to this when you sign our contract when the bikes are delivered to you, so please be careful! That said, we offer plenty of advice and tips on how to properly store and secure your bikes every night. On Guided Tours, our tour leader will store the bikes for you every night.
  • Do you have any luggage restrictions?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: In our years running cycling tours in Europe, we’ve found that packing light will help you have a more enjoyable travel experience. Keep in mind that you will be toting your luggage at different times during your vacation; you may have to go from the airport to the train or bus station; you will also need to bring your bags down to the hotel lobby in the morning before leaving for the next destination. Preferably limit your luggage to two medium-sized pieces. The best combination of luggage is a medium-sized (22 -24”) suitcase on wheels and a small or medium carry-on bag, such as a backpack, overnight bag, or a small duffel bag. However, to avoid exceeding our luggage weight limit we prefer you add a third small bag as opposed to overloading the first two. If you have any additional questions about baggage limitations, please ask!
  • Do I need a Travel Insurance?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: We highly recommend purchasing travel and trip interruption insurance. Please let us know if we can help with suggestions.
  • What type of bike should I pick?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: We suggest choosing the type of bike you are most familiar with. On some tours, you will have the option of renting a road bike with drop-down handlebars, and on others we offer hybrid bikes with flat handlebars. On most tours, we also offer pedal-assist e-bikes. If you have any questions about our bike options and what is most fitting
  • Are there extra payments not included on this tour?

    Please check the What’s Included section of each tour webpage for specific inclusions. On most of our guided tours lunches and dinners are on your own as well as any entrances to museums or visits you might want to choose to see while in larger cities. Some itineraries may include meals or extra activities. 
  • Is it possible to make changes on this itinerary?

    If you are interested in any changes to your self-guided itinerary, please ask us. We can often add or subtract nights at different locations (depending on the itinerary). We are also experts at designing custom-tailored holidays for groups of friends and families. If there’s a specific itinerary you like, please let us know how to adapt it to your needs. We have also often custom fixed- point cycling holidays (for example, based in an Italian villa).
  • When does my tour start and end?

    GUIDED and SELF-GUIDED: On most tours, the group will meet the tour leaders late in the afternoon or early evening of the first tour day. The bike fitting usually occurs at that point, as well as the tour briefing. Tours normally end after breakfast on the last day. You may want to consult with us on the best time to plan to arrive on Day 1 and when to leave on the last day.
  • If I come alone, will I have anyone to cycle with?

    SELF-GUIDED: There is a good possibility that others on the same departure will want to cycle along with you, but of course we cannot guarantee this on every departure. If this is important to you, please ask us and we will try to find out for your specific departure. GUIDED: Yes! This is a group tour, so welcome on board! Depending on the itinerary, there will be days where the group can spread out, giving some participants the chance to cycle on their own or in smaller groups. But generally, the group will ride together, along with our tour leader.
  • If I am a solo traveler, can you find me a roommate?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: We are happy to have solo travelers and will do our best to find you a roommate. If we are not able to, you will be offered the chance to have your own room by paying the single supplement fee.
  • Does self-guided mean on my own completely? What if I have a flat tire? What if it rains?

    Self-guided tours are normally not “supported”. That means there is no guide with you and it is your responsibility to cycle to the next hotel. To that end, you should either know to fix a flat tire or have someone with you who can. If it rains we suggest “Plan B”, - put on your rain gear and follow Plan A.
  • Are there any road signs that are different in Europe than in my home country?

    SELF-GUIDED: Every self-guided tour begins with an introductory bike fitting and briefing, in which our English-speaking staff will share tips and information on local road safety. We also provide a Bike Safety Sheet with information on safety and road signs.  GUIDED: On the first day there will be an introductory briefing, which includes a detailed safety talk given by our English-speaking tour leader. Throughout the tour our cycling guide will be your “North Star”.
  • Who do I contact in the event of any changes made to my stay (early departure, hotel or itinerary change,etc.)?

    GUIDED OR SELF-GUIDED: We’ll provide all the necessary contact numbers for you to communicate changes to appropriate parties.
  • How do I get to the starting point of the tour? How do I travel home from the tour ending point?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you detailed travel instructions on how to arrive to the hotel where your trip begins – on most tours, the starting point is easily accessible by train, bus and/or taxi. On some guided tours, transportation to the tour starting point and/or from the tour ending point is included – please check the specific itinerary for details. If you’d like to reserve private airport pick-up, please ask us – we’ll be happy to help. We will also provide detailed information about the tour ending point, and how you can travel back home from there.
  • What about lunches and dinners? Do you have vegan/vegetarian or gluten free options?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: Most of our customers purchase picnic supplies for lunch. If you prefer to stop at a café or restaurant, there will be plenty on your route and listed in your road book (on guided tours, your tour leader will offer suggestions). For dinner we’ll suggest local restaurants, typically within walking distance. If you are vegan, vegetarian or you need a gluten free meal, you’ll find these options most days on our itineraries – please ask and we’ll be happy to help. On both guided and self-guided tours, some itineraries may include dinners – please check the specific itinerary for details.
  • What meals are included and what are they like?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: All breakfasts are included. A typical breakfast is served continental style and includes assorted beverages, rolls or pastries, fruit, cereal and yogurt. Some hotels provide cold cuts and/or eggs in addition to the continental breakfast. If you have any dietary needs or food allergies, please ask and we’ll be glad to help! On our Guided Tours, some dinners are included – please check the specific itinerary for details.
  • What kind of clothing should I pack for a bike tour?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: We recommend you start your packing list with the following items:  ·  A few pairs of bicycling shorts and jerseys  ·  A few non-bicycling outfits to wear for your time off the bike  ·  Helmet (on your flight, we recommend attaching it to the outside of your carry-on if it does not fit in your luggage)  ·  Sunglasses  ·  Sunscreen  ·  Toiletries  ·  Spare glasses, contact lenses  ·  Dress pants/skirts and shirts (layering is always encouraged)  ·  Two pairs of shoes (one for cycling and one to wear around town after cycling)  ·  Any prescription medication you might need and prescriptions in case you need to refill.
  • I am very fit, will this tour be challenging enough for me?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: Our standard routes on each tour are designed for the average recreational cyclist. That said, almost every tour allows for added mileage for those with extra energy. We’ll suggest optional longer rides on most days.
  • How difficult is this tour?

    GUIDED or SELF-GUIDED: Most tours don’t cover more than 65 kms (40 miles) per day. Be sure to read the distance and difficulty description for the specific itinerary of your interest, and send us an email if you have questions. To best enjoy your tour, however, you should be riding your bike at least twice a week and be comfortable spending time on the saddle. For more information please see the Rating Descriptions Page of the specific tour of your interest.
  • What choice do I have for bicycle on this tour and what is the cost?

    SELF-GUIDED: We offer premium titanium hybrid bikes (with upright handlebar), titanium road bikes (with downturned handlebars), aluminium frame hybrid and road bikes, tandem bikes, pedal-assist e-bikes and tag-along bikes and trailers for children.

    GUIDED: Bicycle rental price is NOT included in the tour cost. We offer rental options such as Aluminum and Titanium hybrids (in men's step-over frame or women's step-through frame) with flat handlebars, as well as pedal-assist e-bikes.
  • Will there be luggage transfer or van support on this tour?

    SELF-GUIDED: On days when you change hotels, our shuttle service picks up luggage mid-morning and delivers it to the next hotel by mid-afternoon. Most of the time, these vans are not available to shuttle people – so you will need to plan to complete the ride yourself. In cases of emergency, our staff is available, and hotels will help locate taxis or alternative means of transport.  GUIDED: Our support vehicle will transport luggage from one hotel to the next every day. Vehicle support for tired cyclists is available most days, as is our accompanying cycling guide – please check the specific itinerary for details.

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