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TourRadar Announces Winners of Tour the World Adventure

Joan Alemany and Jessica Husson will travel to five different countries across five different continents in 50 days

TourRadar, the world’s largest online travel agency for multi-day tours, announced the two winners of its Tour the World adventure. Joan Alemany and Jessica Husson beat out over 1,600 other video applicants to travel to five different countries across five different continents for free while having their journeys documented by a professional film crew. TourRadar received over 2,000 minutes of video auditions from 110 different nationalities for this chance of a lifetime. Jessica and Joan will meet for the first time just before embarking on their epic adventure. People can follow every step of their journey through interactive video episodes posted every Thursday on TourRadar’s Tour the World page starting on May 30th.

“Tour the World is about the human connection we find while touring a new place, especially with people whom we’ve never met,” said TourRadar’s Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Pötscher. “We created this adventure to show how easy it is to experience the world through multi-day touring. Through their enthusiasm and a love for travel and life, Joan and Jessica embody the spirit we were looking for to take this incredible trip.”

Joan Alemany is a musician and recent university graduate from Girona, a small city outside of Barcelona. At a crossroads in his life after school, Joan was deciding whether he should pursue a master’s degree or not when he read about Tour the World online. Joan eventually decided that touring the world would be the best master’s education he could ever receive so he created a video application. He impressed the Tour the World judges with his authentic approach as he encouraged random strangers to embrace through group hugs and positivity throughout his video.

“Traveling with a stranger for fifty days is really exciting,” said Alemany. “I think this trip is going to change a lot about my perspective on life. That’s the great thing about traveling with other people for a long period of time. I’m going to learn so much about myself and about the world through this amazing experience with another person whom I don’t even know yet!”

Jessica Husson resides in San Diego and is passionate about making a positive change in the world. Having always had an affection for travel and challenging herself to try new things, Jessica found out about Tour the World through the local news and decided to give it a shot. In her video application, she wowed the judges with her unfiltered passion for connecting with people from all walks of life.

“I am insanely grateful for this opportunity to tour the world with TourRadar,” said Husson. “I always challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone and one of the best ways to do that is through travel. I have never traveled with someone else for this long of a time, much less with a stranger!”

The premiere episode of Joan and Jessica’s trip will air on TourRadar’s Tour the World page through an interactive video on May 30th. The episode will show the two winners meeting for the first time and will also reveal the first leg of their world tour. To show how individual and easy it is to create your own unique experience while on a multi-day tour, Tour the World episodes will allow viewers to interactively choose which storyline they watch within the videos. Viewers can keep up with Joan and Jessica’s fifty-day journey through these episodes posted every Thursday on the Tour the World page as they make their trek around the world.