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A Letter to Our Community From Travis Pittman

To our travel community, 

My love for travel goes back long before I began this company with my brother Shawn in 2010, when we embarked on a journey to connect more people to life-enriching travel experiences around the globe. Today, so many more people have become part of that journey. From our incredible team, to tour operators that make it possible to have amazing experiences all over the world – and most importantly – our global travel community.

What’s happening right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic is not just a moment in TourRadar’s history, or a defining moment of the travel industry, it’s a time for our world to come together and do right by each other.

We may not be able to travel right now, but all the life-enriching experiences and memories we have gathered while exploring our world so far are still with us and will be waiting for all of us after we make it through this extraordinary time, together.

Your passion for discovery, your need for adventure and exploration and your desire for cultural exchange reminds me of my love for travel every single day. It’s at the heart of everything myself and Shawn built TourRadar on. Which is why right now, there is nothing of more value than keeping our community and the world we all love to travel healthy and safe.

I want to ask all of us, during this tough time, to remember all of the fantastic people who are part of this industry. These fantastic people include the tour operators, the local guides and communities they collaborate with in-destination, and of course, the people you meet along the way. All of whom create the moments we go on to share with our loved ones. 

They got into this industry for the same reason as me — because they understand that travel has the power to help us all become better citizens of the world, and they want to help make that possible for others.

Whether it’s next week, in a month or a year, we WILL travel again. Alongside everyone we work with, TourRadar will do everything in its power to continue our journey to connect people to the life-enriching travel experiences that are so important to us as humans.
Co-Founder & CEO