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Go Touring and Discover Thailand

There's something special about Thailand, and its unique magic begs to be experienced first hand. Its inviting, friendly atmosphere will have you mesmerized within moments. Your first pad thai (not from your local takeaway shop) will please your taste buds, and your first tuk-tuk ride may frighten you – but it's all part of the grand adventure that is Thailand.

The Basics

Touring is...

  • Travel Companions Provided

    One of a tour’s greatest strengths is that it comes with a built-in group of friends to travel with. Striking up conversations and forging bonds is easier because you’re all sharing in the same experience.

  • Hassle Free Travel

    Booking a tour takes the hassle out of planning since every detail is sorted out before you even arrive. You’ll enjoy effortlessly moving from point A to B, without having to worry if you just took a wrong turn.

  • Budgeting Made Simple

    Booking a tour creates a simple budgeting experience. Consult the itinerary inclusions to find out exactly how much the trip will cost. Transportation, accommodation, meals and local experiences are typically included in the price.

Choose a Style That Suits You

  • For the city slicker

    Whether you're exploring the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, strolling the back streets of Chiang Mai, or living it up at a full moon beach party in Phuket, your tour will be welcomed with the warmest of smiles from the fun-loving Thais.

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  • For the island hopper

    Island hopping in Thailand is the true definition of paradise. It's pristine beaches and turquoise seas are perfect for those looking to escape and unwind, or adventure seeking outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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  • For the culture geek

    Ready to experience life just like the locals? Then check out Thailand's wide array of culture tours and trek to hill-tribe villages, uncover glittering temples and explore fascinating markets.

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Watch the Beginner's Guide to Thailand

Enjoy this compilation of the very best travel tips and tricks to make your next adventure in Thailand unforgettable. With countless local experiences awaiting you in every corner of the country, the only question is how you'll fall in love, rather than if. After watching, bookmark and share the travel guide with your fellow travel-savvy friends! 
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FAQs About Thailand

  • What is the internet access like?

    Due to a large number of tourists in Thailand, WiFi is available in many cafes, hostels and hotels for free, but outside urban areas, this is not as common or may suffer from a poor connection.
  • Is the tap water safe to drink?

    Avoid all tap water in Thailand and instead, stick to bottled water or use water purification tablets. As for ice, there are a number of ice factories that use purified water and avoid washing fruit in tap water.
  • Can I use my credit cards?

    Yes, credit cards are widely accepted throughout Thailand. Please check with your bank about any foreign transaction charges.
  • Is Thailand safe for women to travel solo?

    Thailand is an incredibly popular destination for first-time travellers, especially for women, however, the usual travel precautions still need to be adhered to. This includes avoiding walking home at night and to always keep an eye on your belongings.