Where to Take the Best Instagram Photos

Where to Take the Best Instagram Photos: 19 Photography Tips

Because we love scrolling through stunning photos as much as the next person, we’ve compiled a list of the most Instagram-worthy spots plus a few handy photography tips to take your ‘Gram to the next level.

Make sure you’re armed with these tips before your next tour.  

1. Havana, Cuba

Cuba is seriously any photographer and Instagrammers dream getaway. With colourful vintage cars gliding across the streets, standing out against the aged buildings that can be found across the country, and natural light galore – you’d be hardpressed to find a better, more vibrant location. 

You won’t even need to Google which spots are the most Instagram-worthy because guess what, they all are! Literally find any street corner, square or vibrantly coloured wall and you’re all set! But, if you need a hint towards where to start your journey, make sure it’s in Havana (oh, nah nah). 

Instagram photography tip: If you’re travelling alone but still want incredible pictures of yourself, pack a selfie stick and learn to love the self-timer feature on your phone.

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2. La Fortuna, Costa Rica  

For adventure enthusiasts (and photography lovers alike), Costa Rica is an absolute dream come true – especially at La Fortuna Waterfall. Awe-inspiring natural wonders, exotic birdlife and lush landscapes are just three of the reasons Costa Rica is so darn Instagrammable.

The other billion reasons all have to do with the fact that the rich coast is filled with beautiful white sand beaches that will make you wish you were resting on a hammock somewhere.

Instagram photography tip: If you are planning total Instagram domination with your Costa Rica pictures and you don’t mind bringing an additional camera and tripod, do it! 

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3. Tokyo, Japan

When you think of Japan, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it the magnificent Mount Fuji rising up above the clouds? Is it the streets of Kyoto littered with light pink petals as Cherry Blossom seasons quickly approaches? Or maybe it’s the famed Shibuya crossing? No matter what it is, there’s one thing that’s for sure, Japan is filled with history and beauty.

As for the best places to take photos in Japan, it has to be Tokyo. 

Instagram photography tip: Golden hour is your best friend. I repeat, golden hour is your best friend. Start taking photos exclusively at sunrise or sunset and see how amazing your pictures come out (without a filter that is). 

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4. Marrakesh, Morocco

This breathtaking North African nation seems to be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Don’t believe us? Just do a quick Google search for photos of Morocco and let the wanderlust ensue. We’ll wait. Now that you’re thoroughly convinced that Morocco does live up to the hype and is absolutely stunning, you need to book a flight and start snapping pics.

Get lost in a flurry of souks or sashay across the Sahara Desert. Next time someone asks you if Morocco is worth the visit, let your Instagram do the talking.

Instagram photography tip: Aside from packing that handy dust resistant phone and camera covers, you’re also going to want to pack some modest clothing to be respectful of Morocco’s culture.

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5. Santorini, Greece

Greece is known best for a few things; sunrises, sunsets and gyros. Sure, there are a couple other notable things that we’ve glossed over, but the important ones remain. Sunrises, sunsets and gyros. From Santorini to Athens and Ios to Paros, we dare you to try and take a  bad photo. It’s just not possible.

Instagram photography tip: Go island-hopping and snap a picture of every sunrise and sunset you see. 

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6. Dune 45, Namibia

Sweeping desert plains and vibrant blue skies are just the beginning of your Instagram adventure in Namibia. Trek to the top of Dune 45 and snap a selfie from the top (then run all the way down), or discover the abandoned villages that dot the desert. Rent a truck and make your way through the country and let your photo-journey truly begin.

Instagram photography tip: Pack monochromatic clothing to make sure yourself stand out more against the beautiful background. And whatever you do, don’t use your hands to wipe away any sand from your lens!

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7. Cairo, Egypt

Is getting that perfect shot of the sun setting behind the Great Pyramids of Giza on your Insta-goals list? Or is it maybe taking a picture of the Valley of The Kings from the comfort of your fancy hot air balloon? Maybe Abu Simbel is more your speed, or perhaps it’s the crystal clear waters that are calling to your Gram’, no matter what it is, there is no doubt that Egypt is an Instagram must.

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Привет из Каира! Ровно год назад мы приехали исследовать этот город на день рождения Виталика. ⠀ И вот так случилось, что я выиграла поездку у трипадвайзера (да, я верю в гивы, и ты верь 😍) и год спустя мы снова в Каире. ⠀ Побывав здесь впервые, я влюбилась в город. Обычно влюбляются в Барселону и Нью Йорк. А я полюбила этот шум и хаос. Знаете, Каир живой. Местами хитрый, порой невыносимый и крикливый. Но люди здесь приветливые🙏🏼 ⠀ Все сказанное выше не относится к району с пирамидами. Ох и жесть! Если не обладаешь черным поясом карате, то идти туда не стоит😩 ⠀ Купи, верблюд, выходи замуж, папирус, уан доллар плиз. Давай, давай дрюг, эй уан фото 🤦🏼‍♀️ ⠀ Увидев в тебе кошелек, за тобой будут следовать везде. Очень навязчивые, местом насладиться невозможно 🙅🏻‍♀️ ⠀ А хотелось бы. Ведь пирамиды такие величественные и таинственные🙏🏼 ⠀ Моя знакомая из Каира рассказала, что вокруг пирамид бизнес держат кланы и никого не пускают даже рядом с их добычей постоять. И никто ничего не предпринимает. Спишем на местный колорит и бегом отсюда.🙈 ⠀ Старая часть Каира действительно потрясающая (намного круче Марракеша 😉) ⠀ Мне кажется у меня получился отличный киношный образ для путешествия по пустыне и Египту. Какой фильм напоминает? ⠀ ⠀ Шляпа (вы о ней спрашивали) – старая коллекция Dsquared Рубашка и юбка @musthaveua Очки Fendi Кеды H&M ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #siniciliya_egypt ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #инстаграмнедели #vscoua#gltlove#sheisnotlost#wearetravelgirls#bloglovin#girlsvsglobe#passionpassport#travelblogger#travelfemme#girlsborntotravel#womenintravel#womenaroundtheworld #ThisIsEgypt#MyEgypt#Egyptwithlove #egyptbyme#egypttourism #beautifulegypt #loveegypt #egyptiangirl#egyptair #pyramids #pharaon #египет #каир

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Instagram photography tip: Whether you’re planning on taking your photos with your cell phone or with a professional camera, make sure to pack dust resistant cases and covers to protect your precious gear from the desert. Because dust is a friend to no one. 

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8. Barcelona, Spain

Spain is home to the some of the most stunning architectural masterpieces in the world. From the unfinished but completely beautiful La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the stunning sites in Granada, there is no doubt that Spain is calling. And we suggest you answer with a packed bag and a booked ticket. Sun, sand, sangria and art, name a better combination. (Pssst. It’s not possible).

Instagram photography tip: Discover all of Gaudi’s masterpieces around the country and take a photo in front of each one for your very own Instagram series.

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9. Ella, Sri Lanka

Are you dreaming of Sri Lanka? Because know we are. This awe-inspiring East Asian nation has quickly shot to the top of everyone (and their dogs) must-visit list. Deemed as the country with-it-all, Sri Lanka is just killing the Insta-game, if we don’t say so ourselves.

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Когда мы ехали в Эллу, мне казалось, что подъем на Малый пик Адама, прогулка по чайным плантациям и спуск к девятиарочному мосту займёт у нас целый день. На самом деле всё гораздо быстрее! ⠀ Мы поднялись на Малый пик Адама минут за 40 около 7 утра, а обратно в город вернулись как раз к обеду – около 12 часов 👌🏼 Успели поснимать плантации, попить чаю и со всех сторон полюбоваться мостом 🤗 А после обеда уже смотрели буддистский храм в окрестностях Эллы и водопад. На закате снова прогулялись на пик Адама, в это время суток он понравился нам даже больше! ⠀ Если погода окажется дождливой, не рекомендую вам посещать девятиарочный мост. К нему ведёт достаточно сложный спуск из вырубленных в земле крутых ступенек, по дождем там будет очень скользко и грязно 🤷🏼‍♀️ Но сверху поснимать всё равно можно! ⠀ Когда придти, чтобы поймать поезд на мосту в кадр? Скачайте приложение SL Railway и смотрите расписание от станции Elle до Badulla и наоборот. Поезда ходят не всегда по расписанию, бывают задержки, но у нас пришёл вовремя) #blossom_in_srilanka #blossom_советы

A post shared by Maria, blogger & photographer (@mashablossom) on

Instagram photography tip: HDR mode on your cell phone camera is an absolute must! Get high-quality photos without breaking the bank (or your back).

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10. Jaipur, India

There’s no country that gets more double-taps on Instagram than India. Home to the ever colourful Valley of Flowers National Park, the French colonial inspired streets of Pondicherry and of course the majestic Taj Mahal, India is sure to enthral you even after you’ve left.

So, grab your phone, your camera and some breathable linens and book that trip already. Your Instagram will thank you.

Instagram photography tip: Wake up early and head to your bucket list stops to beat the crowd and let the impressive sunrise light your images.

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11. Antioquia, Colombia

Go beyond the major cities and escape to Instagram heaven in the luscious mountainside. From Bogota to Medellin, find out why Colombia is so darn beautiful for yourself. You won’t have to search for long to find a place that is worthy of your Instagram in Colombia because the views are just that good.

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740 stairs up some narrow stairs on the side of a seemingly out of place vertical rock jutting 7000ft above sea level lead to this spectacular view overlooking a half natural, half man-made reservoir and surrounding towns. The man-made part of the reservoir was created when the Colombian government flooded the rest of the valley to build a hydro-electric power dam in the 1960s. The rock is only 2 hours by bus or 1.5 by taxi from Medellin (the second largest city in Colombia), making it a perfect stop for a day trip. You can also make it an overnight trip like I did if you want more time to experience the charm of the Colombian countryside 😊 . . . . . #selfportrait #guatapé #antioquia #medellin #medellín #medellincolombia #colombia #southamerica #ig_colombia #discoversouthamerica #fromwhereistand #discoverearth #earthfocus #stayandwander #ourplanetdaily #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #sheexplores #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #alphacollective #visualsoflife #bevisuallyinspired #ig_color #tlpicks #iamatraveler #travelinstyle #instagood10k #heavenonearth

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Instagram photography tip: Head to Guatape and walk up the over 700 stairs and capture a photo so good, you might get verified on Instagram on the spot.

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12. Queenstown, New Zealand

Home to massive fiords, might mountains and more, New Zealand was made for hikers, explorers and Instagram-lovers alike. With no shortage of incredible views that can be found just about anywhere in the country, you could take a Nokia 3320 and still find that you’ve actually captured an award-winning photo. Seriously!

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📍🇳🇿Ben Lomond Saddle 🏃🏾

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Instagram photography tip: Get to higher ground! Whether you opt to hike to the top of one of the country’s many peaks, or you decide that flying is better, we promise that the views from the top will not disappoint you (or your followers for that matter.)

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13. Burano, Italy

Aside from the obvious reasons for visiting (pizza and pasta, of course) Italy is an Instagrammer’s dream come true. With ruins at every turn and artisanal gelato just begging to be photographed, a trip to Italy will fulfil your actual bucket list and your photography one as well.

Visit the Colosseum? Check. Ask a local to take an over the shoulder shot of you gazing in pure wonderment at the Colosseum? Check. Eat your weight in Margarita pizzas? Check. Snap a selfie mid-bite and make your family and friends jealous back home? Check. So, what are you waiting for?

Instagram photography tip: Hike Cinque Terre and be amazed by just how stunning the views are from the top as well. And, of course, take a photo or two. If you don’t do it for the ‘gram who will?

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14. Nairobi, Kenya

If you’ve spent a day (or even an hour) on Instagram this year you will have seen a sudden increase in photos of this stunning East African nation. And for good reason. You can’t go wrong with a photo of Kenya.

From the Rift Valley to Nairobi, to spot the Big Five in the savannah plains to enjoying brunch with some friendly giraffes (yes, you read that correctly), your camera is sure to get a workout.

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Sharing is caring 🦒

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Instagram photography tip: Bring backup batteries with you for all your photo-taking devices, trust us, you’ll need them.

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15. Cappadocia, Turkey

Oh, Turkey, another incredible country with incredible views that need to seen (and photographed). From the majestic and intricately design Blue Mosque in Istanbul to the iconic fairy chimneys that call Cappadocia home, to the striking beauty of Pamukkale and everywhere in between.

There is really no destination quite as Instagram-worthy as Turkey. So, grab your gear and head to Turkey.

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Hello everyone! It’s GIVEAWAY time 🎁 In a collaboration with @taskonaklarhotelcappadocia and other amazing travel influencers, we will be giving an unforgettable, luxury experience in the valley of Cappadocia to TWO lucky winners: 🔹2 nights luxury stay 🔹breakfast included for 2 🔹dinner included for 2 at Taskonaklar Hotel in Cappadocia (date of stay will be chosen directly between winners and the hotel). To win follow these steps 🌟: – FOLLOW ALL ACCOUNTS @giveawaytaskonaklar is following. – TAG 2 friends in the comments below. (Multiple entries allowed by tagging one friend per comment). *Open internationally. Terms apply based on hotel availability. Account must be public for the duration of the giveaway. Ends on February 11th. Winner must be following ALL accounts and will be announced on @giveawaytaskonaklar This is in no way sponsored by Instagram. By participating you confirm that you are 18+ years of age. 📷 @xkflyaway

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Instagram photography tip: Visit Cappadocia at sunrise and watch (and take photos of) the hot air balloons as they liftoff all around you.

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16. California, USA

There’s a good reason why there are so many songs about California. And it’s because it’s one of the more stunning states in the US. A drive through the state will take you from bright and bustling cities to barren desert landscapes and have you feeling as though you left California and landed on Mars. Make an epic playlist and hit the road. You won’t regret it.

Instagram photography tip: Make sure to add Joshua Tree National Park and Salvation Mountain for some truly Insta-worthy pics. And if you feel like spicing up your photos, grab an old-school disposable camera and find out if you actually got the shot you wanted in 10 to 12 business days like the did in the olden times. We’re only kidding about the olden times, but if you’re looking for some interesting shots, a disposable camera is a way to go.

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17. Tromso, Norway

With stunning mountain ranges and massive fjords all around, this picturesque Northern nation continues to inspire travellers from across the globe to pack their warmest clothes, grab their cameras and get to snapping its natural beauty.

Whether you’re planning on visiting Norway in the summer or the winter, be sure to stop by Tromso or the Lofoten Islands to capture an iconic shot of the northern lights or a magical midnight sunset selfie that is sure to get you all of the likes. 

Instagram photography tip: Wear bright colours that stand out to better offset yourself from the surroundings. Think white, yellow and pink, and if you don’t happen to own any of these colours, think about shopping.

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18. Bali, Indonesia

From lush rolling hills in Bali to the clear turquoise waters of the Gili islands, there is truly no better place to get your vacation on than Indonesia. Escape to this awe-inspiring country and find out why everyone is obsessed. Go biking, hiking, sailing and snorkelling and take so many photos that you need to use the trust extra memory card you packed. Find your zen in Indonesia, then Instagram the memories later!

Instagram photography tip: Head to Ubud and take a selfie with one of the monkeys at the monkey sanctuary. Monkey see monkey do!

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19. New York City, USA

If the question is, is there a greater city than New York City, then the answer is no. Don’t try to fight it because it’s been tried and tested and the results are in. New York City wins, always. Sure London, Toronto and Melbourne are great, but they’re definitely not NYC level. Prove the naysayers wrong with your I-don’t-need-a-filter photos of this incredible concrete jungle.

Instagram photography tip: Make sure to visit Dumbo (no, not the movie of the adorable Elephant) to grab a 120-likes minimum guaranteed photo of the Brooklyn Bridge from a quirky angle. After you take your future cover of Vogue photo you can treat yourself to one of Brooklyn’s finest ice creameries at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

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