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Norway Tours and Trips 2018/2019

Norway Tours and Trips 2018/2019

Norway is famous for its stunning fjords and the magnificence of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Book a Norway tour through the cities of Bergen and Tromso to witness this unique phenomenon first hand. Visit the charming capital city, Oslo, experience the Scandinavian lifestyle and have a trip to North Pole.

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49 trips through Norway with 186 reviews

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  • A simulated helicopter crash leaves you stranded in the wilderness. Navigate yourself back to civilization without losing more than 10% of your body weight.
  • Strap on crampons and hike the frozen landscape of the Buer Glacier.
  • Visit the unspoilt wilderness of Svalbard in search of polar bears.
  • Stroll through Vigeland Park in Oslo, the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist.
  • Hurtle yourself down the bobsled track in Lillehammer.
  • Hit the pubs in Tromsø before snowshoeing out of town for a glimpse of the northern lights.
  • Immerse yourself in the traditional Sami community of Musken before climbing one of the deepest caves in Europe.
  • Drive along the Trollstigen (Troll’s Path) as it winds up the mountainside at a 10% incline. Navigate the 11 hairpin bends past harrowing cliff faces and deep fjords.


  • Norwegian and Sami are the official languages of Norway. Most Norwegians can speak English fluently.
  • The currency in Norway is the Norwegian krone. Debit and credit is widely accepted and you’ll find ATM’s with ease.
  • Norway is a seafood lover’s paradise. Enjoy as much as you can! Tap water is always safe to drink.
  • Don’t leave Norway with a bottle of Akvavit, a classic Norwegian sweater and some troll figurines.
  • Tipping is not required but it’s quite common to round up a bill to the nearest 10 or 100 Norwegian krone.
  • Norwegians are very relaxed when it comes to clothing. Bring layers and keep things casual but not sloppy.
  • Around 88 per cent of Norwegians have blue eyes or green eyes.
  • Norwegians read more books than any other country in the world per capita.

Norway Tours and Trips Reviews

  • "It was one of the most amazing trip of my life. All activities were fun and the sights in Finland/Lapland were stunning. I wish to come back to such a marvelous place and would highly reccommend it to anyone who wants to have an amazing experience."
    Northern lights adventure to Lapland, Saariselkä
  • "My February 2015 bus trip to Saariselkä was the best experience of my life. The highlights of the trip were, the Ocean Artic Tour in Bugoynes, the Snow Shoes Track and the Husky Safary. I also had a chance to see numerous sights, like Santa, the Reindeers, the Northernlights and some landscapes of Lapland. The trip was incredible and I will surely do it again."
    Northern lights adventure to Lapland, Saariselkä
  • "The one thing that everyone should have in their bucket list is to eat spareribs in Näätämö which is the forecourt to the end of the world and I am happy to say that I did this during my trip. Other activities that made the trip memorable were snowshoeing, driving through the forest with snowmobiles and a free solar eclipse on the last day. The trip was well organized and the tour guide was amazing."
    Northern lights adventure to Lapland, Saariselkä