Sunset at a beach in the Philippines

#DreamTravelShots: All the Colours of The World

Nothing lights up our days like a bit of colour. That’s what makes travel so special — being dazzled by the blue sea, getting lost in the leafy greens of a jungle, or gazing out at sun-burnt landscapes as far as the eye can see.

This month we’re celebrating how the vibrant colours of the world move us to take incredible journeys from one corner of the earth to another. Here are our #DreamTravelShots from this month.

1. Getting the green light

When it comes to the best lighting for your picture, Mother Nature will always come through.

2. The sky is pink

Nothing stirs the soul like a sunset, but in this image, we get to see double in a good way.

3. Fifty shades of blue

We’ve found the place where sky and sea meet, and it’s every bit as beautiful as you might think it would be.

4. Golden hour

When the sun has the Midas touch turns sand into gold dust and sea into liquid gold.

5. Follow the rainbow-brick road

If we had a pair of ruby red slippers that could take us anywhere in three clicks, it would be here, and we would follow this path anywhere.

6. Here’s to emerald cities

Sometimes taking a trip can feel like you’re stepping into a fantastical world, where imagination has no limits.

7. A country’s true colours

When true colours become a celestial spectacle, you’ve hit the jackpot.

8. Seeing red

Where do you see yourself in this picture?

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Airplane window view wing over mountain range
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