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Laos Tours & Trips

Laos is a land of golden temples, majestic mountains and magnificent scenery. Visit a bear sanctuary, ride high on an elephant or take a kayaking adventure up the Mekong River. Caving, biking and trekking through this untouched country will give you a glimpse of a disappearing traditional Asia.

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  • Stroll through the bougainvillea-lined streets of Vientiane and enjoy its multicultural vibe and steaming noodle stalls.
  • Stop by at the jar-village of Ban Xang Hai and watch locals fill jars with local rice wine or fiery lao lao.
  • Explore the sacred Pak Ou Caves and admire the many Buddha statues as they pose grandly against the river backdrop.
  • Wake up early and join the saffron-robed Buddhist monks as they meander through the misty morning streets and bylanes.
  • Follow your instinct for adventure and go kayaking, tubing and rock climbing at Vang Vieng.
  • Get off the beaten track and experience village life at a homestay in Ban Pak Nguey.
  • Swim in the beautiful turquoise shallow pools of the three-tiered Kuang Si Waterfall.
  • Go on a wildlife nocturnal tour and spot Indochinese Tigers at the Nam Nern Wildlife Conservation Area in Ban Son Koua.


  • The formal greeting for locals is the ‘Nop’ where your palms are joined together at chin level, in a praying gesture.
  • Avoid touching people's heads or placing your feet on furniture as this is not culturally acceptable.
  • School children are required to practice their English speaking skills with tourists as a part of their curricular requirements, so don’t be surprised if they ask you to sign a form.
  • While trekking, don’t stray off the path as there may be unmarked mines in the rural areas. Your tour guide will give you detailed instructions so you can stay safe.
  • Dress conservatively and neatly especially when visiting temples or religious shrines.
  • When taking a swim in a waterfall or a river, wear a t-shirt and shorts instead of a bikini or swimsuit.
  • Remove your shoes and leave them outside when you enter the houses of local people.
  • Remember to smile and say ‘sabai dee’ when you meet locals, it means ‘hello’.

Laos Trip Reviews

  • "For someone who wants to explore Laos, Free and Easy takes you to the best places, sceneries and activities. Travel days are worry free since the tour crew are there to assist you all the way."
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  • "The Delights of Asia tour we took was absolutely wonderful. We customized some parts of the tour to fit our schedule. It was truly an incredible experience that I will do again If I was in Asia."
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  • "We had a customized Backyard trip for four people. The tour was unbelievable and the accommodation was first class all the time and of much higher standard than we ever expected with some of them having breathtaking sunsets and river views. Some of the things we did were; cruising down the Mekong, cave exploration, seeing how coffee is grown, visiting rubber plantations, local villages and amazing waterfalls, kayaking, and cycling. It was a perfect mix of guided and free time.I highly recommend Backyard travel and will definitely do one in the future."
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