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Torii at Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto

2 Week Japan Itineraries

Are you looking to book a two-week holiday in Japan? Here are the best travel itineraries covering everything from the most popular destinations to off the beaten path experiences. 

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Itinerary ideas for a two-week Japan trip

We've picked two of the best itineraries that will take you through Japan's most popular destinations in two weeks. These are perfect for the first-time traveller, covering everything from temples and shrines in Kyoto to delectable street food in Osaka.


  • Tokyo (3 days) - Kick-start your time in Japan’s ultra-modern capital in the district of Asakusa, where you can visit the lively Sensoji Temple district. Then, head to Harajuku and explore the impressive Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. 
  • Takayama (2 days) - Travel to picturesque Takayama and take in the quaint streets of the old town lined with sake breweries and craft shops.
  • Kyoto (3 days) - With its outstandingly beautiful temples and shrines, scenic streetscapes, and unique cultural heritage, discover exactly why this magical city sits firmly at the top of so many travellers’ bucket lists. 
  • Hiroshima (2 days) - Travel to Hiroshima and opt to visit the Peace Park and Museum to learn more about the tragic history of this city.
  • Osaka (2 days) - Tour a ramen museum, visit Osaka Castle, or browse Umeda's many shops. Once the sun sets, hit the city’s lively streets to experience Osaka's buzzing nightlife.

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  • Kanazawa (1 day) - Located right beside one another, Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle are two must-visit sites in this city.
  • Takayama (1 day) - Explore the beautiful landscape of Takayama, where you’ll uncover traces of a feudal past in the city’s thatched houses and rice fields.
  • Hiroshima (2 days) - Once you’ve learned about the city’s heartbreaking history, take a short ferry ride to Miyajima Island. Here, you can view one of the most photographed sights in Japan: the floating Torii Gate.
  • Kyoto (3 days) - Wander the impressive Nijo Castle and gardens before visiting Kyoto's iconic Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion.
  • Kawaguchiko (1 day) - Spend a day in Kawaguchiko exploring the Five Lakes region on foot.

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Two-week Japan itinerary ideas for budget travellers

If you’re looking to explore Japan on a backpacker's budget, the itinerary suggestions below will let you visit some of the country’s most iconic and must-visit sites without breaking the bank.


  • Tokyo (3 days) - Start in Harajuku, the city’s quirkiest neighbourhood and a hub of Japanese pop culture. Afterwards, grab a traditional bento box and head into Yoyogi Park, home to the beautiful Meiji Shrine. 
  • Kyoto (3 days) - Famous for its shrines, temples and geishas, this is the perfect place to simply wander and get wonderfully lost amongst the city’s atmospheric alleyways.
  • Koyasan temple stay (1 day) - Learn more about the monks that dedicate their lives to this area and wander the countless temples and shrines that are dotted all around.
  • Hiroshima(2 days) - Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and view the Atomic Dome; ring the peace bell and say a prayer at the eternal flame. 
  • Miyajima(1 day) - Miyajima is best known for its forests and ancient temples. Just offshore, the giant orange Great Torii Gate is partially submerged at high tide.

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  • Tokyo (3 days) - Discover the history of Tokyo at the fascinating Edo-Tokyo Museum. Learn the ancient art of samurai with a demonstration followed by the chance to get involved.
  • Kamakura (1 day) - After you’ve explored the country’s frenetic capital, hop on a train to Kamakura, Japan’s medieval capital and home to the first shoguns. 
  • Hakone (2 days) - Start your time in Hakone with a ride on the Hakone Ropeway, an epic cable car journey that drops you at Oowakudani, where you can gaze at Mount Fuji in all its glory.
  • Kyoto (3 days) - Kyoto is famous for its history, temples, shrines and, of course, stunning geishas, but there’s so much more to discover in this culturally-rich city. 
  • Hiroshima (2 day) - Delve into the city’s tragic history at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and learn how Hiroshima is leading the movement for a peaceful and nuclear-free world. 

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Koyasan Pilgrimage Trail
Koyasan Pilgrimage Trail

Two-week Japan train travel itinerary ideas

Looking to get a JR Pass? Find inspiration with these train itineraries that will help you explore Japan’s ultra-modern cities, scenic countryside and everything in between.


  • Tokyo (3 days) - Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market first thing in the morning and fill up on freshly-made sushi. Then, get your fill of gardens and galleries at the Imperial Palace before continuing on to modern Ginza, the city’s most famous shopping and entertainment district.
  • Hakone (2 days) - Wedged between Mt Fuji and the Izu Peninsula, Hakone is a large region encircled by several forested mountains. Enjoy views of Mt Fuji and enjoy a traditional Kaiseki dinner. 
  • Takayama (1 day) - Head to one of Takayama’s premier attractions: Hida Folk Village, an open-air museum featuring traditional houses from the mountainous regions of Japan.
  • Nara (2 days) - See the Great Buddha of Todaiji, the largest bronze statue in the world. Then walk through Nara Koen, Japan's largest park and home to the sacred deer. 
  • Miyajima (1 day) - Enjoy a walking tour of the island and visit the famous Itsukushima Shrine with its large wooden tori standing in the ocean during high tide

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  • Tokyo (3 days) - Begin the day exploring Asakusa, a traditional district with an old-Tokyo feel and an array of gardens, shrines and temples, including the oldest temple in the city: Sensoji Temple.
  • Matsumoto (1 day) - Matsumoto Castle, one of the oldest and most beautiful castles in the country, is one attraction you simply can’t miss in this city.
  • Shirakawa-go (1 day) - Nestled within a remote mountain setting, this harmonious village is famous for its gassho-style houses, characterised by thatched rooftops designed to resemble two hands joined in prayer. 
  • Kanazawa (1 day) - More than 25 acres of absolute beauty awaits you today at Kenroku-En – Garden of Six Qualities. 
  • Kyoto (3 days) - Explore Fushimi Inari Taisha for a tour of the most revered shrine of Inari. Follow the spectacular rows of orange torii (made famous in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha) that weave through the forest, leading you to the inner shrine.

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Itinerary ideas for a two-week Japan trip in autumn

Autumn is a great time to visit Japan. Fall foliage in Japan is stunningly beautiful, the weather is mild, and you can avoid the tourist hordes that typically descend on the country during spring. If you’re looking to travel around October, check out these itineraries to kick-start your travel plans.


  • Tokyo (3 days) - Bursting with contemporary urban culture, there are many sides of Tokyo to explore, from fascinating museums and world-class shopping to neighbourhood backstreets lined with hole-in-the-wall eateries and bars.
  • Nikko (2 days) - An ancient town overflowing with beautiful shrines and temples, there’s plenty to see and do in Nikko. Start with Toshogu Shrine, the resting place of a Tokugawa shogun who was once one of the most powerful rulers in the country.
  • Hakone (1 day) - Explore Hakone’s spectacular mountain scenery and volcanic sites. Perhaps visit the boiling sulphur springs of Owakudani or Hakone Jinja Shrine with its red torii gate rising from the shore of Ashinoko Lake.
  • Takayama (1 day) - Takayama is a charming Edo-period town located in the Japanese Alps, famous for its traditional inns, sake breweries and the Hida Folk Village.
  • Miyajima(1 day) - You might like to further explore the island by climbing to the top of Mt Miyajima (or hopping on the cable car instead) for 360-degree views of the Inland Sea.

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  • Osaka (2 days) - Osaka has loads to offer in the way of attractions, including Osaka Castle Park, Shinsaibashi shopping street and Dotonbori Bridge. Be sure to try takoyaki, the city's famous octopus snack.
  • Okayama (1 day) - Known around Japan as the "The Land of Sunshine,” Okayama is full of stunning gardens, majestic shrines, and one of the most beautiful castles in the country: Okayama Castle.
  • Naoshima(1 day) - Spend the day exploring Naoshima, a picturesque island dotted with impressive contemporary art museums and installations.
  • Nagasaki (2 days) - Visit the Peace Park and learn more about the historic events of 1945. 
  • Yakushima (1 day) - Experience the magic of Yakushima with a hike through the island's mossy ancient forest. This lush subtropical island is home to impressive cedar trees, several of which are thousands of years old.

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Itinerary ideas for two weeks in Japan during cherry blossom season

Here’s an example itinerary to help you plan your Japan trip during the cherry blossom (sakura) season. Be sure to check the official sakura forecast before finalising your departure date to maximise your chances of seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom!


  • Tokyo (3 days) - Cruise down the Sumida River, followed by a walk through Hamarikyu tei-en, a vast, tranquil garden that boasts roughly 100 cherry trees.
  • Matsumoto (1 day) - Visit the incredibly beautiful Matsumoto Castle, which is one of the original and most complete of the handful of medieval castles that exist in Japan today.
  • Kanazawa (1 day) - Kenroku-en is regarded as one of the best places to see the country's famous cherry blossoms - hopefully in full bloom. In Kanazawa, the cherry blossom trees are due to bloom in late March/early April. When in bloom, these delicate soft pink flowers can be seen lining the streets and filling the parks and gardens all over the city. 
  • Kyoto (3 days) - Visit the stunning Zen Buddhist Temple of Kinkaku-ji, known as the Golden Temple which forms part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto's World Heritage Site. 
  • Hakone (1 day) - Take a cruise across the picturesque Lake Ashi to Moto-Hakone to visit the Shinto Shrine of Hakone-jinja, where we are also be rewarded with the best views of Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and the Red Torii Gate of Hakone.

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Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion in Kyoto
Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

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