Silk Road Tours & Trips

For an adventure that will be the envy of many globe-trotters, travel part of an ancient route that connected the east and west, the iconic Silk Road. Discover the culture and traditions of hub cities along this sprawling network from China to Europe.

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Silk Road vacation packages

  • Uzbekistan: Experience the warmth of Central Asian hospitality and discover the ancient Uzbek culture.
  • Azerbaijan: Discover this amazing Central Asian country.
  • Caucasus: Admire the beauty of the largest lake in the Caucasus and enjoy the views from the top of Mount Gergeti.
  • Adventure: Stay in the Kyzylkum Desert in yurts and explore the Guri-Amir Mausoleum.
  • Ashgabat: Learn about the history and culture of Turkmenistan.
  • Tashkent: Taste the local culinary delights and explore the Old City.

Silk Road holiday packages

  • China: Discover the Chinese part of the Silk Road.
  • Kazakhstan: Discover the Kazakhstan landscapes and visit the Valley of Castles.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Delve into culture and stay in yurts with the locals.
  • Iran: Experience Persian style nomad camp and marvel at the Zargos mountains.
  • Central Asia: Enjoy the best of this amazing region.
  • Georgia: Explore the ancient capital of Georgia and hike in the Caucasus mountains.

Silk Road Holiday and Vacation Packages Reviews

  • "it was over all well conducted tour . We had excellent guides and drivers to make..."
    Central Asia Combined Silk Road Tour
  • "From the first contact with Odil at Steppe Journeys to the final flight home we were..."
    Uzbekistan 7 Day Cultural Tour (from Tashkent to Bukhara, Samarkand, and back to Tashkent)
  • "Ben the booking agent was extremely attentive and quick to respond to all my requests..."
    Best of Silk Road
  • "The 4 M's of Uzbekistan had wonderful detail and the archeology sites were interesting...."
    Central Asian Silk Road Tour
  • "It was a fun experience, with a nice bunch of people. We joined late in the trip..."
    Turkish & Georgian Explorer (Tbilisi to Istanbul)