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View of Cinque Terre

Best 10 day Italy Itineraries

Are you looking to book a 10 day holiday in Italy? Here are the best travel itineraries covering everything from the most popular destinations to off the beaten path experiences. 

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Itinerary ideas for 10 day Italy trips

We've picked two of the best itineraries that will take you through Italy's most popular destinations in 10 days. These are perfect for the first-time traveller, covering everything from Rome’s ancient sites to the atmospheric canals of Venice. 


  • Rome - An ancient city that has seen the rise and fall of entire empires, there is no shortage of historical architecture to feast your eyes on in Rome.
  • Orvieto - Prepare for one of the most spectacular sights in Europe on the way to Orvieto, a city perched dramatically atop a sheer vertical volcanic rock.
  • Venice - Every visit to Venice should include a gondola ride as well as a trip further out into the lagoon to visit Murano and Burano.
  • Florence - A cultural and political focal point during the Renaissance, Florence is endowed with a huge variety of important buildings and famous artworks.
  • Siena - Characterised by its gorgeous architecture and picturesque main square, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is best known for its legendary Palio horse race that takes place twice per year.

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10 day Italy itinerary ideas for budget travellers

If you're looking to explore Italy on a backpacker's budget, here are two great itinerary suggestions that will cover some of the country's top sights without breaking the bank. 


  • Rome - See the most famous monuments of Rome, starting with the Trevi Fountain before moving onto the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant'Angelo and finally, the imposing Vatican City. 
  • Florence - Visit the leather market, the beautiful Ponte Vecchio, and Florence's jaw-dropping cathedral; then, head to one of the city’s lively squares and finish the day with an Italian aperitivo.
  • Milan - Start by visiting the most impressive landmark in the city, the Duomo, and then continue onto the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, an elegant 19th-century shopping arcade. Once the sun sets, head to the city’s nightlife hub: the Navigli.
  • Lake Como  - Set against the foothills of the Alps, prepare to be amazed by the beautiful, dramatic landscapes in this region.
  • TurinEnjoy an orientation walk next to the Roman Quadrilateral, Piazza Castello and much more.

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The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi
The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

Itinerary ideas for a 10 day food and wine tour of Italy

Sampling the country’s top culinary delights is one of the best ways to explore Italian culture. If you’re dreaming of a culinary trip through Italy, the itineraries below offer inspiration for a trip that focuses on the country’s renowned wineries and fresh, local food.


  • Montefioralle - Visit the fortified hilltop village of Montefioralle, considered the most ancient 'borgo' in Chianti, and then head to a local vineyard for a wine tasting.
  • Radda - Walk through local woodlands to admire the famous emerald vineyards valleys. Afterward, taste the highly-acclaimed Chianti Classico at a local winery.
  • Siena - Explore the city’s museums and stunning Duomo, or simply relax in one of the many outdoor cafés in Piazza del Campo. Learn about Tuscan wines during a fun, interactive course at the Tuscan Wine School.
  • Florence - Visit the magnificent city of Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, with an enormous wealth of historical sites, museums, galleries, churches and architectural delights.
  • San Gimignano - Explore this top sites in this beautiful town, from the Palazzo Comunale to the Pinacoteca and the Torre Grossa.

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Itinerary ideas for a 10 day trip in Northern Italy

Enjoy Northern Italy's breathtaking regions by exploring its cities, landscapes, art and food. The Italian Lake District is a popular destination, and you can also cross the border into Switzerland to tick another country off your bucket list. 


  • Lake Maggiore - Lake Maggiore, surrounded by the Lepontine Alps, overlooks small villages, 19th-century villas and unique gardens whose beauty is recognised and appreciated throughout the world.
  • Como - Como is a city of culture and the Old Town features elements from its Roman and medieval past, as well as religious buildings and palaces.
  • St. Moritz - Drive to the world-renowned Swiss mountain resort of St. Moritz. Marvel at the scenery of the Alps, from monumental glaciers to steep gorges and magnificent mountains.
  • Menaggio - Take a look at some of Menaggio’s lovely little churches: San Stefano, San Giusto and San Carlo, which features a beautiful bell tower.
  • Parma - Since Ancient Roman times, the city of Parma has been considered Italy’s gastronomic capital — so get your taste buds ready to experience a wealth of culinary delights.

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Itinerary ideas for a 10 day trip in Southern Italy

If your dream Italy trip includes postcard-perfect villages and beautiful beaches, head south. You can explore this area in just over a week while enjoying the region’s delicious cuisine and sun-kissed landscapes. The sample itineraries below cover some of Southern Italy’s must-see destinations, including the gorgeous island of Sicily.


  • Sorrento - Explore the gorgeous old town hugging the coastline, or go on an excursion to the famous Isle of Capri, where you can explore ancient Roman ruins and stylish piazzas.
  • Alberobello - Enjoy an orientation tour of the region's famous trulli houses. These beautiful 14th-century whitewashed stone huts have iconic conical roofs and are specific to the Itria Valley. 
  • Taormina - Relax on Sicily's beautiful beaches,or explore the island's quaint towns. The town of Taormina itself is one of Italy’s most popular summer destinations, perched on the side of a mountain and offering medieval churches, a castle and Greek amphitheatre.
  • Cefalù - Stroll around this historic town that boasts some of Italy’s finest beaches. 
  • Palermo - Go on a walking tour to see the Piazza Indipendenza, Porta Nuova, and the Cathedral of Palermo.

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The Trulli houses of Alberobello
The Trulli houses of Alberobello
Sunsets in Burano are the stuff of fairytales
Sunsets in Burano are the stuff of fairytales

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