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Greece and Italy Tours & Trips 2018/2019

Our memorable Mediterranean tours will take you through Greece’s Mykonos Island, the core of the party spirit, all the way to the romantic hills of Tuscany. Our enticing tour packages will take you on an unforgettable journey filled with delicious food and vibrant cultures. Book now your Mediterranean Sea tour!

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  • Experience decadent dining, blissful beach retreats and exhilarating nightlife in Mykonos, the party capital of the Mediterranean.
  • Ride a scooter past the sun drenched iconic houses and whitewashed villages that cling to Santorini’s cliffs.
  • Walk the ancient agoras where Socrates once delivered philosophies in what is thought to be the cradle of ancient Western civilization, Athens.
  • Leave the world behind while exploring fragrant olive groves along Corfu’s gentle slopes in the idyllic seaside destination.
  • Admire exquisite art treasures in every nook and at every turn in beautiful, timeless Florence.
  • Sway with the romantic waters of the Grand Canal, as your gondola meanders under ornate bridges and alongside the stunning architectural marvels of ethereal Venice.
  • Revel in the magical atmosphere of Rome’s Pantheon Temple when brilliantly lit with the colours of a golden Roman sunset.
  • Unravel Ancona’s secrets in its piazza cafes and hilltop parks, offering sweeping views of the Adriatic.


  • If you’re in the mood to party, then head to the beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise in Mykonos.
  • One of the best ways to explore Mykonos is on a motorbike or scooter.
  • Try the local Greek speciality taramasalata, a creamy fish roe dip that goes well with bread or potato.
  • At tavernas it is quite common to share food at the table so don’t be surprised if other diners dip their bread into a common dish.
  • Besides pizza, try some of Italy’s finest offerings such as bigoli, ribollita, tortellini en brodo and osso buco.
  • When shopping in Italy, avoid buying counterfeit goods as it is punishable with a hefty fine.
  • Pack light clothes if you’re planning a trip to Greece during the summer months as it can get very hot.
  • Avoid eating or drinking and remember to dress modestly when visiting churches in Rome and the Vatican City

Greece and Italy Tours & Trips 2018/2019 Reviews

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  • "I love it....everything was great especially the Guide tour Oriana; SHE IS THE BEST..."
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  • "Busy but good ...tour guides at sites normally very informative.. too much shopping..."
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