Finland, Norway And Sweden Tours for Seniors

Finland, Norway And Sweden Tours for Seniors

Say yes to the trip of a lifetime and go touring through Finland, Norway And Sweden alongside other adventurers aged 50 and over! These incredible itineraries will take you through iconic destinations like Stockholm, Oslo, and wherever else you've been dreaming of. After all, it's never too late to explore the world.

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17 trips for 'over 50s' in Finland, Norway And Sweden with 18 reviews

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Finland, Norway And Sweden Tours for Seniors Reviews

  • "i traveled to Scandinavian countries with Russia on 5th may2017for 15 days.Veena..."
    Scandinavia Explorer
  • "This was a great tour. The ONLY reason I rated the itinerary as GOOD and not EXCELLENT..."
    Nordic Adventure Summer 2019
  • "Colleen was a very knowledgeable and accommodating guide, as were the specialist..."
    Northern Capitals (from Copenhagen to Helsinki)
  • "Thank you guys for such a wonderful trip! It was absolutely awesome - from the people..."
    The Best of Scandinavia and Russia in 19 days
  • "We enjoyed the tour and what it included. As usual on these types of tour it is very..."
    The Grand Scandinavian Circle Tour (from Stockholm to Helsinki)