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Mongolia Tours and Trips 2018

Mongolia Tours and Trips 2018

43 trips through Mongolia with 54 reviews

Mongolia is a land of nomads awaiting your adventure, camping out at night and trekking through the day. There’s river rafting, mountain bike and motorcycle riding on tough offroad trails, and camel trekking through the Gobi Desert. There's also monasteries and ancient ruins to explore.

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43 trips through Mongolia with 54 reviews

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  • Watch history unfold and learn about the legendary Genghis Khan in the museums and palaces of Ulaanbaatar.
  • Enjoy a cup of hot Mongolian tea while you play traditional games using shagai or sheep’s bones.
  • Go horse riding in the wilds surrounding Lake Khovsgol and explore the sweeping grasslands along with the Tsataan tribes.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Mongolian steppe countryside from the comfortable confines of a Trans Siberian train journey.
  • Hone your eagle hunting skills in the upper reaches of the majestic Altai mountain range.
  • Witness the awe inspiring spectacle of national patriotism on display at the Naadam festival.
  • Take in the breathtaking view of the Flaming Cliffs, a wind-sculpted sandstone at Bayanzag in the Gobi desert.
  • Hike through the Khustai National Park and look out for Takhi or Przewalski horses, a species which was once extinct but now has been re-introduced to their habitat.


  • Take a good pair of trekking shoes along as most of the terrain is quite rugged.
  • Avoid holding your coffee cup by the rim. Instead, hold it from the bottom. Your tour guide will give you more details on local customs and traditions.
  • Pointing at people is considered rude and the locals believe it will bring evil on them.
  • Be prepared to eat nomadic food such as horse meat, mutton and food prepared with fermented milk.
  • Don’t whistle inside a Ger camp or sit with one leg over the other.
  • Avoid offering money or gifts to the locals as they may get offended.
  • Dress modestly when entering monasteries and other places of worship.
  • Support local culture by purchasing traditional clothing accessories made of cashmere and vibrantly colored paintings.

Mongolia Tours and Trips 2018 Reviews

  • "The Ruski Huski adventure I had in Mongolia was a once in a lifetime experience. We rode on a Mongolian Honcho Odka which was fantastic. Some of the highlights of the tour were, riding horses, playing in the snow, and sledding in Lake Baikal. We were heading on a European tour but this tour ended up to be the fascinating part of our tour around the world."
    The Ruski Huski (Beijing to St Petersburg)
  • "I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding Classic Journey I had with Naadam Festival. I had the chane to be part of a great group and the experience surpassed my expectations. Every single detail on the tour was fantastic and I highly recommend Travel All Mongolia."
    A Classic Journey of Mongolia with Naadam Festival (15 days / 14 nights)
  • "Travel All Mongolia was superb in making the tour memorable. The tour crew was amazing and the vehicle was comfortable with careful drivers. We had sumptuous meals with a bottle of water that was always included. This tour exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed every single aspect. Travel All Mongolia did an excellent job in giving us a fantastic tour and kept us safe. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy Mongolia."
    A Classic Journey of Mongolia with Naadam Festival (15 days / 14 nights)