The Best Places to Visit in Europe in Spring

Is there anything more romantic, peaceful, and exuberant than Europe in the spring? We don’t think so either! From strolling along the Seine in Paris to participating in all-day celebrations in Norway to lounging on beautiful Grecian beaches, a visit to the Old Continent during this season of growth and rebirth is sure to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

While you’ll have an amazing time no matter where in Europe you visit during the spring, we’ve put together a list of some of the top European cities to visit in the spring.

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Paris, France

There’s a reason everyone talks about Paris in the springtime! Nearly everywhere you look you’ll find gorgeous pink blooms, fresh weather, and plenty of opportunities for picture-perfect moments. If you visit in the month of May, try to time your visit with Nuit des Musee, or the Night of Museums, allows visitors to explore some of the world’s most famous museums late at night, completely free. Paris is also home to several amazing parks and gardens, perfect for a leisurely stroll or indulgent picnic, and plenty of outdoor cafe spaces that are only more enjoyable on a brisk spring day.

Groups of people sitting outside a cafe in Paris

What could be better than sitting outside a Paris café in the spring? | © Pedro Szekely/Unsplash

Vienna, Austria

If old-world charm is what you seek, Vienna in the spring more than delivers. Here, you’ll find blossoming cherry blossoms, countless quaint coffee houses with outdoor seating beginning as early as March, some of the world’s best ice cream, and plenty of green space to stretch out and enjoy the great outdoors. Stroll through a local outdoor market, rent a bike and explore the city’s gorgeous architecture, or time your visit with Electric Spring in April, a free festival that combines food, artwork, and music.

A ferris wheel in Vienna, Austria

Relax in one of Vienna’s many parks | © Jogi Experience/Flickr

Oxford, England

If you’re looking to spend some of your Spring in the UK, skip the tourist crowds in London and pay Oxford a visit. Stop for a photo beside the famous, ancient cherry blossom tree outside of University Church on the high street, wander the University’s botanical gardens or one of the city’s countless parks, or stroll along the colourful Cowley Road and find a spot to stop and sip a drink or two under the springtime sun. For a truly unique experience, time your visit with the first of May: on this day, bars and clubs stay open until 5am, and at 6am, thousands of people gather in the city centre to hear the church bells ring and choirs singing hymns from the top of the city’s Great Tower.

blooming flowers in christ church college, oxford

Christ Church College, Oxford | © Dave_S/Flickr

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam truly shines in the springtime! For the best views of the iconic tulip bloom, make sure you arrive in early spring to see them in their full glory. There’s a local event or quirky site to visit every single day in the city, so make sure to check out what’s on offer before you leave, or even plan your visit around one of the many exciting festivals (such as the coffee festival in March or the massive celebration of King’s Day in April). Or just wander the city! See the Dutch Masters in one of the city’s many museums, relax in a sunny park, or do as the Dutch do and explore the city via bike.

Bags of pink tulips with a sign that says "50 stripes 10"

Bring home some tulips of your own in Amsterdam | © Ethan Lindsey/Unsplash

Crete, Greece

Think lounging on sandy beaches is restricted to summer – and the hordes of tourists that come with it? Think again! A visit to the southernmost Greek island of Crete in the springtime has it all: here, you’ll experience vibrant nightlife, natural beauty, and fresh-grown products like olives, honey, and wine. Explore the rocky cliffs that jut out into the sea, walk along endless sandy beaches, and enjoy fresh-caught seafood from one of the many warm, welcoming restaurants everywhere on the island.

The coast of Crete, Greece

Relaxing on a beach isn’t an activity reserved for summer | © Stefan Kunze/Unsplash

Rome, Italy

If experiencing the culture, beauty, and, of course, the food of Italy has long been on your bucket list, a visit to Rome in the spring may be perfect for you! Not only will the weather be mild, spring is considered “shoulder season” in Rome, so you’ll have fewer crowds to contend with. Hanging wisteria and azaleas bloom in full-force in the spring, making your trip as beautiful as it is fragrant (and Instagram-worthy). If you visit in April, you may have a chance to see Rome’s “birthday party,” which has been celebrated since the city was founded in 753 BC!

Pink flowers blooming on the Spanish Steps, Rome

Blooming flowers on the Spanish Steps, Rome | © Brian Teutsch/Flickr

The Azores, Portugal

The Azores, a group of islands 850 miles off the southwest coast of Portugal, is beautiful year-round, but a springtime visit is especially magical. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration by way of hiking through lush green nature or wandering the cobbled streets of more built-up areas, as well as appreciating the unique culture and architecture of the islands. Since the islands were once a major trading hub, they’ve been influenced by several cultures and histories.

A man standing alone in a field overlooking a lake in Sao Miguel, Portugal

The Azores are an often-overlooked destination great for nature lovers | © Angela Compagnone/Unsplash

Seville, Spain

If you’re dying for some summer heat early, a visit to Seville in spring is a perfect destination for you. As the hottest city in continental Europe, you’ll enjoy plenty of sunshine and opportunities for some botellon, or street drinking! Take a stroll by the Guadalquivir river, explore gorgeous parks such as Maria Luisa Park, or relax in a boat floating down the Plaza de Espana. Time your visit with Feria de Abril – a legendary week-long fiesta featuring music, dancing, and plenty of drinking. Just make sure you book well in advance!

Gardens of Alcazar of Seville, Spain

Seville has the feeling of a tropical destination in continental Europe | © Naval S/Flickr

Spring is a wonderful time to travel anywhere in the world – the blooming plants, the fresh air, the climbing temperatures – but Europe becomes especially beautiful. It seems as if there’s a beautiful sight or outdoor adventure available around every corner, and the sunshine makes everyone around you just a little bit happier. If you’re planning a trip to Europe in the spring, your trip is sure to be thrilling!

Where’s your favourite place to visit in Europe?