The Perfect Italy Packing List For Spring

Italy in the springtime is simply unbeatable. However, as the country makes it way out of hibernation and transitions from winter, it can be difficult to determine what to pack. Before you jet off, we’ve compiled the perfect Italy packing list for spring. 

Florence, Italy

Weather in Italy during Spring 

If you’re looking to beat the inevitable peak season crowds, look no further than a trip during the months of March to May.

  1. March: Average temperature in Rome: 12°C
    While it might not be warm enough for a dip in the big blue, as the temperature creeps upwards visitors will find March an enjoyable time to travel. Aside from a few scattered bouts of rain, a visit in during this time should please most individuals. 
  2. April: Average temperature in Rome: 14°C
    A small jump in the average temperature, April remains a cool, yet easy time to travel.
  3. May: Average temperature in Rome: 21°C
    Striking the balance between warm temperatures and becoming unbearably hot, May is a great month to visit.

My best piece of advice is to pack light! I enjoyed road-tripping throughout the country and seeing a lot of places, and the only way to do this is to bring few things! The most important things are comfortable sneakers, 1 swimsuit and your favorite pair of jeans! The rest is just extra – Make sure to stop into Camogli / Cinque Terre. The views are what dreams are made of!

The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking and the city is overflowing with history, but for me the food and wine were what stood out the most. We started our trip in Montalcino, and visited Castello Banfi, where we tasted some of the most delicious wines. We also ate at Osterio Del Borgo in Montepulciano, with outstanding views and an incredible meal of homemade gnocchi. Next we stopped into Florence where we ate our way through the city – gelatto, pizza, lasagna, but for some reason in Italy you don’t feel as full after a big Italian meal. I think it’s because the ingredients are fresh. Our final stop was in Camogli, where we ate so much seafood and hiked between all of the small seaside towns. The seafood was unbeatably fresh! I could go for some real Italian food right now. – Steffy, Steffy’s pros+cons


Islands of Burano

What kind of clothing should you pack?

italian village
Italian village

Clothing suggestions

  • A lightweight rain jacket Naturally, it’s likely to rain during shoulder season – and spring is no exception to the rule. Be prepared to experience four seasons in a day and protect yourself with a light rain jacket. 
  • A scarf or shawl – An essential wardrobe piece to cover your shoulders during the cooler evenings. 
  • A swimsuit – Not always necessary given the cooler temperatures, but if you’re feeling brave then go for it!
  • Sunglasses – Protect those pretty pupils with suitable eyewear.
  • Layers – Any seasoned traveller will tell you that small, thin layers are the way to get you through spring. 
  • A hat – You would be surprised how strong the UV rays can be during spring. Whether it be a trendy felt hat or a baseball cap, keep your head out of the sun.

view of florence
View of Florence

What kind of shoes should you pack?

  • Walking shoes – Whatever takes your fancy, from the humble Converse sneaker to the always reliable Vans, just make sure you can move those feet far and fast to ensure you can to tick off the bucket list attractions you came to see.
  • Casual boots – If there are a few days of rain during your trip, a casual boot will help you to skip through those puddles and take you straight to dinner.
  • Flip-flops or strappy sandals – Give those feet some air and throw on a pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals as the temperature rises. 
italy packing list
Flip-flops are either loved or loathed by travellers.

What extras should you pack?

    1. An umbrella While it won’t rain every day, spring is notorious for variable weather which can often include light rainfall.
    2. Camera – Get snap happy and make those fleeting memories last a lifetime.
    3. Suitcase lock – Protect those valuables and slap a lock on your suitcase or carry-on luggage. 
    4. Universal adaptor – Avoid a situation where you cannot charge your beloved electronic devices. Pick up a universal adapter at the airport, or from most department stores.
    5. Photocopy of your passport – This applies when travelling to any country but do not, we repeat, do not travel without a printed copy of your most valuable form of identity. An electronic copy (a scanned document or photo) should also be kept within easy access.

Gemma is a travel-lover from Melbourne. When she's not surrounded by the great outdoors, Gemma can be found spending her time with family and friends or planning her next trip overseas.

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