France, Italy and Spain Tours & Trips

France, Italy and Spain Tours & Trips

From the historic Rome to the sunny French Riviera and all the way to colourful Barcelona, our tours are designed to feed your thirst for travel and discovery. Delight yourself with unparalleled views and incredible food, surround yourself with wonderful people.

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50 France, Italy And Spain holiday packages with 761 reviews
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50 France, Italy And Spain holiday packages with 761 reviews

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  • Discover Gaudi’s intriguing architectural masterpieces and soak up the vibrant cultural atmosphere of Barcelona’s La Rambla promenade.
  • Inhale forest scents and enjoy magnificent alpine views during a hike through the Nuria Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees.
  • Spend an absorbing evening observing the fashionable rhythms of Parisian life.
  • Experience all the glitz and glamour associated with the French Riviera in Nice.
  • Feast your eyes on endlessly stretching fields carpeted with purple lavender and swaying wild herbs in Provenance.
  • Walk amidst a dramatic scenery of pastel villages and banded stone terraces that hug the lofty mountainside in Italy’s curving Cinque Terre bay.
  • Surrender to romance as you drift along the gently bobbing waters of the Grand Canal in historic Venice.
  • Marvel at the revolutionary design of the Duomo and stroll amidst Uffizi Gallery’s magnificent art collections in Renaissance Florence.
  • Delve into the overpowering allure of ancient iconic ruins in the eternal city of Rome.


  • You can shop for souvenirs such as Carnival masks on the streets north of Campo Santo Stefano in Venice.
  • Dress modestly, especially while visiting religious places in Italy.
  • Italian food courses are divided into anti pasti, primi and secondi – if you’re not too hungry, you can pick two out of three.
  • The words ‘Tu’ and ‘Vous’ both mean ‘You’ in French but use the former only in informal settings.
  • Don’t be surprised if food arrives late in French cafes as waiting is considered to be part of the experience.
  • Carry loose change and cash in Paris as you will have to pay for everything, including using the rest room in a bar.
  • Plan your shopping as many local stores in Barcelona close between 1:30 pm and 5 pm.
  • A three course meal called ‘menu del dia’ offers great value for money and is usually served for lunch in many Spanish restaurants.

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