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“Since signing contracts last year, TourRadar have fast become one of the key retailers online for not only Topdeck but all operators they work with.”
“We think you guys use our product feed better than most if not anyone in the travel sector, and it would be fantastic if we could use TourRadar as the benchmark as to what is possible with our feed. ”
No booking - no commission
Your tour listings in the TourRadar.com Marketplace
Bookings with the traveller’s payment pre-authorised
TourRadar paid marketing to promote your tours
Meet Others App free to use for you & your travellers
Unbiased Reviews Platform (TourRadar & Mobile)
Reviews and Meet Others Widgets ready for you to use
Enter to win: Most Amazing Tour & Guide of the Year awards
How it works
We drive you real bookings where the traveller has provided their credit card details, awaiting you to confirm their booking. This streamlines your Res Team's work as they won't have to manage leads; they can focus on real bookings instead.
1 Search & Compare tours on TourRadar.com
2 Traveller books and enters Credit Card details
3 TourRadar Pre-authorises payment
4 Tour Operator confirms & payment is secured
5 Traveller uses TourRadar App to meet others
6 Traveller goes on tour and writes a review
Who can join?
TourRadar works with professional tour operators running multiple day group tours. Our Marketplace and tools are suited exclusively for tours with ready-to-book itineraries.
If you operate such tours and would like to jump on board, please fill out the TourRadar supplier application form.
Application process
TourRadar carefully screens all applications. Due to the large volume of applications, we are only able to respond to applications that have successfully passed our initial screening process.
Once you receive confirmation that your application has been successful, we will guide you through the easy setup process and inform you of all the key aspects like commission, invoicing, etc.
Setup and booking process
You can add your tours to the TourRadar platform either via a reservation system (like TourCMS), an XML feed or manually using your TourRadar Dashboard. Once your tours are added you are ready to receive bookings!
When a traveller submits a booking for your tour, we will immediately notify you. You have 48 hours to confirm that you can take the passenger and by clicking one button, you confirm the booking. Our platform is very easy to understand and includes Q&A videos to guide you should you get lost. Our Team is also always happy to assist you over the phone/ e-mail.
Free to use - only pay commission on successful bookings
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For further details, please see our Terms and Conditions.
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