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Chase the Northern Lights, see the world from the top of Norway’s astounding fjords, feast on traditional Swedish cuisine or try out the famous Finnish sauna - anything is possible on one of our amazing Scandinavian tours. Get affordable tour packages and go on an incredible journey.

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  • Cruise past Sognefjord’s cascading waterfalls and lush mountainsides, in the heart of Norway’s fjord land.
  • Feast on slabs of succulent salmon and cod in Bergen’s historic timber framed taverns.
  • Explore Stockholm’s exquisite Baroque architecture by day, and party the night away in its bohemian bars.
  • Paddle, swim and camp as you please, and choose paths never travelled before in the raw wilderness that surrounds Sweden’s St. Anna archipelago.
  • Ride with reindeers, meet Santa Claus in his village, and discover thrilling adventures in Lapland’s snowy landscapes.
  • Search for Narwah whales, as they poke their tusks from freezing waters and observe polar bears, as they plod across snowy fields in the Northeast Greenland National Park.
  • Spend some time relaxing in the geothermal waters of Ice Land’s Blue Lagoon, set against the surreal backdrop of lava fields.
  • Sail amidst powder blue icebergs of various shapes and sizes, in the ever-changing landscape of the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, in Iceland.


  • Plan your visit any time between September and April, to witness the fascinating spectacle of the Northern Lights.
  • Visit the islands for an up-close look at Viking heritage and Sweden’s royal grandeur.
  • Go on a ferry trip to Norway’s Geirangerfjord to see impressive waterfalls and abandoned farms.
  • You can try Norwegian delicacies such as ‘bacalao’ (spiced cod stew) and roasted reindeer or elk.
  • If you’re in the mood to go hiking or canoeing, then head to Finland’s Hossa and Oulanka National Parks.
  • Shop for international fashion brands, Dala wooden toys, hand knitted sweaters and Sami handicrafts in Stockholm.
  • For a bit of adventure, hike through Iceland’s popular Laugavegurrin trail that covers volcanic terrain, icy rivers and snowfields.
  • Sip on Brennivin, Iceland’s signature schnapps drink, that pairs well with pork and seafood.

Nordic / Scandinavia Tours & Trips Reviews

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