Where The Weather Is Always Warm

13 Places To Travel Where The Weather Is Always Warm

If you’re travelling during the typical “off-season” for summer weather, you can still get your fix of fun in the sun if you do the research first before you head off on your next touring adventure.

These 13 places experience warm weather year round and they’ve all got something uniquely awesome to offer the discerning traveller, especially those looking to outrun chilly temperatures.

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1. Málaga, Spain

One of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets, Málaga experiences really warm winters and super hot summers. If you’re looking to vacation to a charming city teeming with amazing eateries, outdoor activities and loads of sandy beaches then you’ll find it in Málaga.

2. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

At the tip of Africa, covered in tropical vegetation with miles of premium beaches, lies coastal KwaZulu-Natal – a sun lover’s dream. Winter provides the best surfing conditions with minimal rainfall and the ocean is warm enough to swim in. Summer months are hot, humid and ideal for lazing around on impressive beachfront.

3. Canary Islands

Off the west coast of Africa lies a small collection of islands known as the Canary Islands. While the inland parts of the islands have quite a range of temperatures, the coastal regions are temperate and sunny all year round. The parts of the islands facing the Atlantic will be particularly warm whenever you choose to visit.

4. Loja, Ecuador

Located a few degrees south of the equator, Loja, Ecuador is blessed with blissful weather all year round. Because of its central location on the globe, the sun rises and sets here at pretty much the same time every day of the year. It’s also known as a very friendly place, probably because everyone gets to see the sun so often!

5. Goa, India

Up the west coast of India lies Goa, previously a Portuguese colony on the trade routes. While Goa does experience rainy weather during monsoon season, which lasts from the end of May to the beginning of October, the weather is always warm. If you don’t mind a little wet with your warm weather, then a visit to Goa will leave you feeling great. Just keep in mind that it’s best to travel outside of monsoon season for optimal warmth and sunshine.

6. Cyprus, Mediterranean

One of the many islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is home to a number of exceptional coastal destinations that stay warm all year long. Although the inland can experience snow in the mountains during winter, you’ll enjoy long, balmy days on the beach at the same time. Spring, summer and autumn months are the best time to visit with peak season lasting from June to September.

7. Central Valley, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Central Valley is a key destination for travellers seeking a pleasant escape during any period on the calendar. It’s renowned as one of the most stable places in the world as the country has no army, nature is greatly respected and the people are incredibly relaxed. Enjoy the warm weather in the rainforests, mountains, valleys or on the picture-perfect beaches.


8. Morocco, Africa

Morocco sits on the northern coast of Africa, a stone’s throw away from Spain, which sits on the opposite side of the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco enjoys temperate weather like most of the Mediterranean’s coastal cities, but it also faces the Atlantic Ocean on the west, where slightly cooler, breezy weather can be experienced when you’re looking to get refreshed.

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9. Islands Of Thailand

Thailand also experiences a rainy season, but the weather is always warm, no matter the time of year. Take your pick between the Andaman Islands on the west of the mainland or those in the Gulf of Thailand to the east.

Both directions have their own mix of unspoiled locations all the way to those pulsating with activity, and they’re all blessed with weather that will make you think you’ve stumbled upon paradise.


10. Mexico 

Mexico is a treat for travellers seeking warm, sunny holidays at any given time. Along the Atlantic coastline, the Yucatán Peninsula is the stuff dreams are made of, particularly those that involve beaches and warm water. The Pacific coastline is less travelled, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enchanting.

There are beautiful fishing villages and rainforests to explore, each of which offer mild to warm weather in winter and staggering heat in the summertime.

11. Santa Barbara, USA

This charming coastal city has beautifully warm to hot weather year round with up to 30% humidity. It hardly ever rains either, making it a perfect destination for sun worshippers. There’s hardly any need for warm clothing in winter, which means you’ll be travelling light at any given time during the year.

12. Arizona, USA

Arizona is a dry and hot state in America that is home to the sunniest place on Earth. The city of Yuma is known to have hot, sunny weather for at least 11 hours of the day, every single day of the year. It’s a small desert city, but there are some really intriguing museums to take in, not to mention some spectacular trails to hike as well.

13. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The inland city of Sao Paulo is known for some of the finest weather year-round, which heightens its levels on the popularity scales as Brazil’s most temperate city. It has a very consistent temperature throughout the year, although fellow Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro, does get a lot hotter than Sao Paulo in summer.

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Where is it warm all year round?

Some of the destinations where it’s warm all year round are:

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