signs you need a vacation

13 Signs You Need a Vacation in 2018

We know you work really hard kicking those career goals, studying hard or doing what you do best. Surely this means you deserve a vacation sooner rather than later. Right? 

We might not have met yet, but we can tell you that yes, you most certainly need a vacation. But before we physically cross paths, these are 13 signs that you need a vacation. Act now, think later is the rule of the vacation game, because the only vacation you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t book. 

signs you need a vacation
Are you dreaming of exploring Tallin, Estonia?

1. You start pretending to speak another language when you’re tired 

There’s no point pretending that Paris or Barcelona aren’t calling your name. If you start addressing your friends and family with ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Hola’ instead of ‘Hello,’ it’s clear that you need to start packing your bags.

louvre in paris

2. Your favourite foods start to taste bland

When your favourite foods from your favourite restaurants in the whole wide world start to feel a little bit lacklustre – you know there’s a problem.

The cure? Head abroad and feast your way through authentic Mexican fare (from Mexico, of course) or ramen from a 24-hour ramen bar in Japan. Your tastebuds (and passport) will be eternally grateful.

signs you need a vacation
Find the best ramen bar in Japan

3. You live for the beach, and spend all day dreaming about the beach – but you live in a landlocked country

There’s no way around this, except to go on vacation to a beach destination. How about the Algarve in Portugal? Or the Whitsundays in Australia?

signs you need a vacation
Set sail across the Whitsundays

4. You’re a huge fan of summer festivals. The only problem? In your hemisphere – it’s winter

Any festival lover will know there is nothing worse than being stuck in Australia, for example, in June or July when some of the best music festivals in the world including Sziget in Hungary, Glastonbury in England or Tomorrowland in Belgium are in full swing.

You know what to do…

signs you need a vacation
Festival season in Europe is an experience like no other

4. You just can’t stop scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest 

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Creating albums or mood boards of places you would rather be is great and all, but how about actually packing your bags and walking the streets you’ve pinned? Or maybe even visiting that trattoria in Italy to fulfil your wildest carb-fuelled dreams. How about that beach in Greece that looks too good to be true?

Trust us when we say that living in the moment far exceeds living through your smartphone or desktop.

a secret beach
Secret beaches are calling for you

6. On the other hand, you’re frequently blocking or deleting friends from social media because you can’t handle their vacation snaps

We’ve all been there, so there are no hard feelings. Once the supposed friend or family member has returned home, only then you can resume friendship via all social channels. But the minute they start posting throwback travel snaps, its game over. 

7. When you’re not on Instagram or Pinterest, you’re trawling through Youtube saving your favourite travel guides and vlogs

Youtube is a glorious place to spend hours upon hours curating the perfect playlist filled with travel guides and vlogs for the places you’re dreaming of visiting. But what is travel without experiencing it first hand? This right here is your cue to start planning your next grand adventure.

Maybe you could even start creating your own vlogs (video blogs) or travel guides when you hit the road – you never know what creative projects will come about from your travels.

You can find the complete TourRadar collection of travel guides on Youtube right here.

Take inspiration from your surroundings

8. You’re having trouble sleeping

See number 5 and number 7. Those late night scrolling habits across your social media channels or staring at your Vacation Countdown App will no doubt be causing restless, maybe even sleepless nights, which of course can only mean one thing – you need to go on vacation.

9. You have an unexplainable desire to start exploring

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to go – and you shouldn’t have to justify your travel plans to anyone but yourself. That being said, if you’re displaying any of the above traits or telltale signs then get moving. 

signs you need a vacation
Ready, set, explore!

10. You might even be considering moving abroad FOREVER…but unsure if you’ll enjoy your new home

Here’s an idea – before moving to the city of your dreams, try and weave it into your next adventure. If you’re wanting to move to London, consider travelling across Europe for a short period of time and use London as your base.

Maybe you’re hoping to spend a ski season in Whistler, so why not embark on a road trip along the west coast of the States and up into Canada? That way, there’s less pressure and almost zero commitment to your new life aboard.

11. You’re constantly begging your friends to drop what they’re doing and go exploring with you

Good things come to those who wait, however, even better things come to those who live in the moment and are proactive in booking the next adventure.

If your travel buddies are the ones holding you back from your next adventure abroad, then you have some rearranging of your friends to do. We’re just kidding, but remember that some of the best adventures are the solo and spontaneous adventures.

signs you need a vacation
Friends or no friends – how you travel is up to you!

12. Skyscanner, (after Facebook and Google) is your most visited website

So, you’ve spent hours finding the best flights to Norway or Peru. Maybe even Sri Lanka or Costa Rica? But have you booked anything yet? No. Should you book something soon? Absolutely.

13. After Skyscanner, of course, TourRadar is your next most visited website

First comes the flights, then the annual leave request, and then you have to find the tour of a lifetime, right? Make the most of the filter and search functions (plus any bonus discounts or savings) and off you go! You’ll soon be on your way to booking your next vacation.

Gemma is a travel-lover from Melbourne. When she's not surrounded by the great outdoors, Gemma can be found spending her time with family and friends or planning her next trip overseas.

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