50 Fabulous and Free Things to Do in Europe 

If there’s anything better than crossing things off your ever-growing European must-see list, it’s not spending a dollars as you explore Europe. From Rome to Istanbul, cheese-tasting to hiking, wine sampling to painting and everything in between, let’s make 2018 the year we get frugal this summer in Europe. These are the best free things to do in Europe. 

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Best free things to do in Europe 

1. Stroll along the canals in Venice

2. Take in the impressive architectural detail across Spain 

free things to do in Europe

3. Walk from Buda to Pest

4. Enjoy a picnic under the Eiffel tower in Paris

5. Embark on an art walk in Vienna

6. Catch an outdoor movie in Austria

7. Visit one of Dublin’s many free museums

8. Get your fill of cheese in France

free things to do in Europe


9. Take a #selfie with the guards at Buckingham Palace

10. Go swimming in the crystal clear waters of Navagio Beach in Greece

11. Get up close and personal with the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

12. Hop your way across Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

13. Chase the northern lights in Norway

free things to do in Europe

14. Watch a local chef make fresh pizza in Rome

15. Catch the sunrise in Cappadocia

16. Marvel at the streets of Lisbon

17. Clock up some miles and walk to see the Eiffel tour from your hotel 

18. Learn the difference between hombre and hambre in Madrid

19. Practice the art of selfie-taking in front of famous European sights and vistas 

free things to do in Europe

20. Learn about the spooky history of Bran Castle in Romania

21. Czech out all of the incredible views of Prague

22. Search for the best free galleries in Germany

23. Gaze up the stars in Geneva 

24. Soak up the endless history of the Colosseum

free things to do in Europe


25. Discover the beauty of the public gardens in Granada

26. Search for the best-hidden gelato shops in Florence

27. Spot Nessie at Loch Ness in Scotland

28. Conquer two continents at once in Istanbul

free things to do in Europe

Visit the markets of Istanbul

29. Sample port wine at a local vineyard in Porto, Portugal

30. Experience the midnight sun in Norway

31. Hike through the Swiss Alps

Explore the Swiss Alps

32. Take a nap under the sun in Cyprus

33. Hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy for the ultimate Instagram pic

34. Take a stroll alongside Prague Castle

35. Get your Game of Thrones on in Dubrovnik and walk the town walls

36. Wander along the infamous Thames in London

37. Marvel at the remnants of the Berlin Wall in Germany

38. Reenact the Sound of Music in Salzburg

39. Be inspired and marvel at the Duomo in Milan

40. Set your sights on the Parthenon in Greece

41. Watch the Eiffel Tower come to life after sunset

42. Work out in at one of Stockholm’s utgegyms (outdoor gyms)

43.  Watch the sunset over Santorini

My favourite thing about Santorini is its rich history. I’ve always been interested in ancient civilisations and visiting Akrotiri was an unforgettable experience for me. The ancient city was buried underneath volcanic ashes during the explosion of 17th BC and, much like Pompeii, has been spectacularly preserved by the lava. Everyone has heard of the dreamy sunsets and white-blue houses of Oia. My suggestion is a little different – go hiking! Profitis Ilias is the tallest mountain in Santorini, separating the villages of Perissa and Kamari, and offers beautiful views of the island. Sabina, Girl vs Globe

44. Take a dip in the deep blue waters of Turkey

45. Marvel at the beauty of the azulejos tiles in Portugal  

46. Search for the best street art in Barcelona

free things to do in Europe 

Barcelona, Spain

47. Relive in the history and beauty of Brugges in Bruges

48. Hike up the Arch de Triumph in Paris

49. Go on an art walk in Reykjavik and feast your eyes on all of the streets 

50. Surf Portugal’s world-renowned waves  

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