2 Weeks in Greece For Every Budget

Stunning white beaches, turquoise water, great food, spectacular mountain scenery, genuine hospitality and endless culture and history.  These are just some of the reasons to have a Greece vacation. On top of all this, the country makes for a seriously affordable destination and it’s easy to spend 2 weeks in Greece for every budget.

But how much will you really need per day according to your budget? What’s the breakdown of costs to help you plan your visit? We’ve been there and done the legwork for you, so whether you’re travelling on a shoestring or ready for a few weeks of luxury, we’ve got two weeks in Greece for every budget right here.

Find here the best 10 day travel itineraries for Greece.

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dinner in greece
An affordable, yet satisfying dinner along Greek’s coast

Top budget tips for Greece

Try to travel outside the peak summer season of July and August. During this period, prices skyrocket, the weather is scorching hot and it’s incredibly busy because the local residents are on vacation at this time too. Visiting in May and June or September to early October will reward you with pleasantly warm days and cooler nights.

Prices noted here are based on travel during the shoulder season (during the months mentioned above). Make sure you budget extra cash if you’re planning on travelling during peak season. Keep in mind that if you plan on moving quickly between islands, this will add additional costs for transport. The mainland and islands close to it will be less expensive than the well-known islands such as Mykonos, Santorini and Paros in the South.

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The shores of Paros

How to travel in Greece on a shoestring budget

  • How much you’ll need for two weeks in Greece with a shoestring/backpacker budget: USD$600 or €500
  • Cost per day: USD$35-$45


In the larger cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki, accommodation is at its cheapest – and you can find dorm rooms in hostels for about $13 per night.  If you’re travelling in pairs and would like to keep costs down, look for small independent hotels and guesthouses, as these are priced from $15-20 per night.

As you start exploring the many surrounding islands, a bed for the night gets a little pricier. The most expensive beds on a budget will be $15-$19 per night for a dorm bed in a hostel. Small hotels will set you back around $40-50 per night.

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santorini oia greece
The famous white homes of Santorini


Food in Greece is quite affordable and shouldn’t eat into the budget too much. Street food and corner gyros shops are cheap, easy and filling. Try a lamb or chicken gyros, (rotisserie grilled meats served wrapped in a flatbread such as a pita, with tomato, onion, a few chips and tzatziki sauce). These cost about $2 each. Keep your eyes peeled for a local bakery, these will keep you well fed for minimum cost too. You can find freshly baked spanakopita pastry for $2.

A typical meal from a taverna will start from about $6 per person. Order some grilled meat, fresh seafood or calamari with chips and salad. Remember that Greeks like to eat dinner quite late, around 9 or 10 pm. Always choose a restaurant with lots of locals eating there, it will be more affordable and the food will be better. 


One 0.5l bottle of great local beer (Mythos) will cost you $1.50 or €1.30. Local wine will set you back about $2.00 per glass (ask for house wine from the barrel, not bottled). Order a carafe of wine if you’re sharing with someone, it’s cheaper. 


Both train and bus services are convenient ways to get around in Greece, however a five-hour journey on the mainland would cost you $35-50 one way, but a flight would get you there in a quarter of the time for a fair price.

Flights within Greece are super cheap and convenient. Budget airlines such as Aegean, Olympic and RyanAir offer regular flights. A flight from Athens to some of the most popular Greek Islands only takes about 1 hour, whilst ferries can take anywhere from 5 to 10+ hours.  

Ferries between the Greek islands do run frequently. For a standard ticket (no overnight cabin required), check the schedules online to book your ticket.


This won’t change much between different budgets, so if you’re on a shoestring, you already know that Greece is all about the beaches, the sun and relaxing, which is free.

A popular activity on the islands is to hire a four-wheeled motorbike and explore the island. Cost is about $25 per day, fuel is cheap and it’s a great option to be able to go and explore small beaches and villages at your leisure. Alternatively, a scooter costs about $15-20 per day.

If you’re exploring Athens for a few days, a visit to the Acropolis is a must, with the entrance fee of $24. If you’d like to see more ancient history, purchase a different ticket for $35 which gets you access to visit the Acropolis (the Parthenon and the Erechtheion) and other main archaeological sites in Athens (such as Hadrian’s Library, the Ancient Agora).

greece beach
The beach is free, so enjoy!

How to travel in Greece with a mid-range budget

  • How much you’ll need for two weeks in Greece with a mid-range budget: USD$750-$1,000 or €550 – 800
  • Cost per day: USD$55-75


For a comfortable guest house or family-run mid-range hotel/ self-contained studio, expect to find a room from USD$30-$80 per night.

This will vary, depending on your location. The more popular islands such as Mykonos or Santorini will always be more expensive than the lesser known islands, and prices will always reflect this.


On a mid-range budget, try and stick to street style food for breakfast and lunch. Treat yourself with nice dinners in the evening at local restaurants and tavernas. Budget around $3-5 for each breakfast and lunch meal and $10-15 for a sit-down dish at a restaurant, which includes a drink.

Gyros is affordable and delicious!

If you are looking to visit Greece on a mid-range budget there are several tips to take into account. The first thing you should do is look beyond the two or three main cities and islands that Greece has to offer. Santorini is the most famous spot for its narrow cobblestone streets, white windmills and blue churches. But, talking to locals you will soon realize that there are so many islands of Greece that offer a similar or better experience, and due to the lower popularity, they have more affordable pricing. As with any destination, look beyond the main tourist areas for better food, affordable souvenirs and a more local experience. – Steven and Jazmin, Travel to Blank


Beers are inexpensive at around USD$1.50. You’ll pay a few extra dollars for an imported beer.  A glass of local wine will set you back around $2-3. If you’d prefer locally bottled wine, you’ll pay around $4-5 per glass.


These options won’t change too much from the budget options already listed above. Flights are cheap and a quick way to get between islands. If you’re booking overnight ferries, on this budget you’re able to book an overnight cabin with beds to rest and re-energise.

Greece is a gorgeous yet affordable country and it has so much to offer besides its world-famous but expensive islands. I totally recommend a 5-day road trip through the Peloponnese region to combine sea, mountains, charming villages and archaeological sites. Another spot that recently took my breath away is the mystical Meteora and its old monasteries perched on the top of majestic rocks. To make the most of Greece on a mid-range budget, avoid visiting touristy islands, traveling during July and August, but feel free to ask local people for the best tavern or spot in town. – Maria, The Tropical Dog


With a greater budget, you’ll be able to choose a few more organised trips or activities such as half-day sightseeing trips, nightlife excursions, jet-ski hire and traditional dinner shows. Shop around a little before paying for a day trip. You’ll find that hotels and resorts will sell the same day trips for a much higher price than what you can find in town.

I think the biggest mistake when looking for a Greek island holiday, is to head to the most famous islands of Santorini or Mykonos, where over tourism start to be a real issue. There are 6,000 islands in Greece which are all more beautiful than others and have their own heritage. I found myself on Alonissos Island in the middle of the peak season last year. I enjoyed this hidden gem of the Sporades away from the crowd. Generally speaking, if you want sunny weather, warm water and fewer people, September is your best bet for a fantastic holiday in Greece. – Florine, World Adventure Divers

How to travel in Greece with a luxury budget

  • How much you’ll need for two weeks in Greece with a luxury budget: USD$1,500-$1700 or €1200
  • Cost per day: USD$110


On this budget, you’ll be able to book a beautiful Airbnb with stunning views or a classy 4- or 5-star hotel or boutique. Cost for this will range from USD$95-$230 per night.

Views from the coastline of Santorini

We love traveling through Greece with our twins and there are great luxury options in Greece, even for a family. You could stay in a private villa or a luxury hotel room with your own infinity pool in Costa Navarino or Kinsterna Hotel, and still be close to nature. Make sure you book a spa treatment that is relevant to the area, for example the Oranges are a key feature in Kinsterna and the Hippocrates therapy is Anazoe’s finest option. Depending on your budget, I definitely recommend a private chef experience as well. However, don’t just stay in the hotel premises. Leave, explore, go on adventures. Every hotel offers options, sailing trips, day trips and other amazing ways to discover Greece’s culture, traditions and natural beauties in depth. – Anna, Dreamista


You can choose to eat almost anywhere you like, and many fine dining restaurants will serve some delicious meals for $15-25.


If drinking at your hotel, drinks will be triple the price than if you were to buy it from the small supermarket however, your budget gives you the option to drink as you wish.  Why not go all out and indulge in cocktails by the beach or swimming pool, as these will cost about $8-10 each. Be careful of the free poured spirits in your cocktails, they will definitely get you in the party mood very quickly.


If travelling long distances in Greece, domestic flights will be the quickest and generally the cheapest option, so it’s a win either way. Prices can vary according to what time of year you’re travelling, but as a guide, a flight from Athens to Corfu in June is around USD$57 (Aegean Airlines). If flights are sold out, your next best option is to check out the ferry service.


On this budget, you could join some day trips and excursions to explore the area. Perhaps an evening of nightclubbing hopping in Mykonos is more your style? Entry fees to some of the top nightclubs are from $20-40 per club.

A luxury experience doesn’t have to break the bank; it’s how that experience makes you feel that’s important, right? Head to a rooftop restaurant or bar, order a Greek mezze platter, a cold beer or cocktail and watch the sunset over the horizon.  

Inhale the warm salty air, the spectacular views of the Mediterranean and embrace Greek time, a slower and more relaxed pace than you’re probably used to. We guarantee that you’ll miss this once you’ve returned home. 

Share your budget saving tips below, so other travellers and Days to Come readers can learn a few tips and tricks! 

Rach is a self-confessed food traveller. When she’s not searching for the best food experiences around the globe, you can find her chasing the sun, taking road trips in her camper-van or chowing down on the best eats around Melbourne. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @veryhungrynomads, Twitter @veryhungrynomads and Very Hungry Nomads

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