Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner

13 Places in Europe To Propose To Your Partner (That Aren’t the Eiffel Tower)

If you’re about to get down on one knee and ask the love of your life those four words, make sure you do it in Europe. Before you get caught up in the details, we’ve curated a list of the best places in Europe to propose to your partner. From adventurous hikes to scenic picnics or strolling through a historic castle, we’ve got you covered.

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1.Reykjavík, Iceland

Where: Under the Northern Lights

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Chase the Northern Lights, then pop the question!

Disclaimer alert: As awesome as this would be, this suggestion is fraught with risk. If you’re betting on seeing the Northern Lights, capturing the perfect photo and executing the all-important question at the same time, just keep in mind that those pesky lights might not rock up to the main event. On the other hand, if you manage to pull this one off, your partner will love you for eternity. 

If this suggestion sounds like your kind of proposal style, there are a number of ways you can tee this up. You could join a tour and make the most of the knowledge from a local guide to chase the Northern Lights, or you could hire a car and cruise around the dramatic landscape of Iceland.

Think about how to get the ring through airport security without your partner knowing – there are lots of awesome tips on packing the ring safely and securely in your carry on luggage (avoid checked luggage just in case anything goes missing!). We always recommend making a dinner or lunch reservation for after your proposal. This will make sure you are both looking your best for your moment and are ready to have a wonderful celebratory meal afterwards!

Dress appropriately, nice but also comfortable and warm – Iceland can be chilly and you don’t want to be uncomfortably cold during your engagement moment. Think about the location you’re looking for, Iceland offers so many dramatic and breathtaking backdrops for such an incredible moment. Whether that be one of the many waterfalls, red rocks, sweeping fields, springs, mountains, the ocean, or anything else that you want to be your special place to think back on forever – organize your itinerary so you visit your special place “naturally” without arising any suspicion.

Make sure to take a deep breath and take your time with the proposal, this is a moment of a lifetime and neither of you want it to be rushed or over right away. Enjoy it!

Lastly, make sure that you have this moment captured by a Flytographer! It is a moment that will go by in a heartbeat and having gorgeous photos to relive your proposal forever and having a gallery of images of the reactions and emotion of that big “YES!” is absolutely priceless. – Kerry, Flytographer

2. Tuscany, Italy

Where: During a hot air balloon ride over the vineyards.

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Italy is undeniably beautiful and is perfect for a proposal

Seriously, just imagine how romantic a proposal above the vineyards of Tuscany would be! If you’re a morning person, jump straight into that big ol’ balloon and float over the world-famous wine region and ask that all-important question.

3. Lapland, Finland

Where: On a snowmobile adventure or at a wilderness retreat

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Propose in a winter wonderland

For anyone who is highly allergic to sunsets and the idea of a romantic dinner, this one’s for you. In Finland’s northernmost region you will find yourself at home in the subarctic wilderness. You could get down on one knee in the snow, or propose atop a snowmobile. How cool would that be! If you want to pop a bottle of champagne or sip on mulled wine by the open fire of your wilderness retreat, that’s also an option to consider.  

If you’re in the later stages of planning your wedding, you can even get married in an ice chapel in Finland! Find out more here.

4. Preikestolen, Norway

Where: During an active hike to Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen, Norway
Challenge your partner to a hike with a romantic twist

Nothing like a proposal accompanied by a four-hour hike to build up the suspense, right? The views at the top of Pulpit Rock will make for a picture-perfect backdrop, and if your partner has a wild side and isn’t afraid of heights, this is the perfect way to take your proposal to the next level. Allow for a total of four hours for this moderately demanding trip that ascends 350 metres.

Once you reach Pulpit Rock, prepare for shockingly good views across the fjords – just don’t lose the ring on the hike.

Travel to: Norway

5. Porto, Portugal

Where: On a cruise along the Douro River

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Porto ticks all the boxes for a romantic getaway

If there was a destination that had the word ‘proposal’ written all over it, it’s Porto. This peaceful coastal town is brimming with art, culture and enough charm to woo you (and your partner) in an instant. Perfect for a proposal, we would recommend a gentle cruise along the Douro River at sunset. An idyllic town to propose; it’s simply up to you to choose the best moment.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Where: During the cable car ride to Montserrat Mountain

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Reach new heights in Barcelona

Take a break from the streets of Barcelona and head up Montserrat Mountain armed with a picnic, champagne, and of course, the ring. If you’re feeling brave or confident, you could ask the question as you climb to the top of the mountain in the cable car. Or, just wait until you pop the bubbles open at the top. 

7. Zadar, Croatia

Where: At sunset on the beach 

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Take to the beach and enjoy a romantic evening

Sunset lovers, look no further. For a proposal that will leave you both feeling on top of the world, head to the beach of Zadar. Listen out for the sounds of the nearby Sea Organ that fill the air which will add to the lively atmosphere.

8. Cinque Terre, Italy

Where: On the Love Path

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Cinque Terre are beautiful

It’s hard to resist the romance of Cinque Terre in Italy, and it’s even harder to resist proposing on the Love Path. The pedestrian path travels between Riomaggiore on the east side of Cinque Terre and connects to Manarola. To beat the crowds, consider a proposal in the early morning followed by a romantic breakfast, or in the evening as the sun goes down.

Plan a proposal on Guvano Beach! It’s a private beach between Vernazza and Corniglia. The remote feeling of this beach is removed from the tourists since you have to hike down the hill to access it. If you have friends who might be travelling with you, have them help set-up a picnic (with local food and wine) on the beach for you and your fiance to enjoy. Plan for a sunset proposal. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the adventure. Find a great photographer to capture it. It will blow your mind. – Jos, Jos Studios

9. Schwangau, Germany

Where: Neuschwanstein Castle

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
A fairytale setting for a King or Queen

For a regal and romantic proposal for anyone who deserves their own kingdom, there’s no better spot than Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. This fairytale castle dates back to the 19th century and is surrounded by rugged hills and panoramic views.

10. Champagne, France

Where: During a romantic picnic or winery tour

propose europe
Share the adventure of travel together

Move over Eiffel Tower, because we’re heading north to the Champagne region to propose. Here, the food is decadent, the beverage of choice shares its name with the town and the history is rich and plentiful. As to how you pose the question, you will have endless vineyards to choose from or you could opt for a romantic picnic in the afternoon.

11. Copenhagen, Denmark

Where: Frederiksborg Slot

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
Frederiksborg Slot Gardens – Photo credit Mallol via Flickr

Put a ring on it while strolling through across the beautiful gardens at the Frederiksborg Slot in Copenhagen. Afterwards, you can celebrate with a beverage back at the harbour in Copenhagen.

12. Santorini, Greece

Where: At a romantic dinner to watch the sunset

Greece is made for proposals

One could argue that Santorini was made for proposals, I mean just look at how achingly beautiful it is! Book a table with a view for dinner and ask your loved one, “Will you marry me?”

13. Prague, Czech Republic

Where: The Charles Bridge

Places In Europe To Propose To Your Partner
In the heart of Prague, enjoy the atmosphere with your loved one

The Charles Bridge can sometimes be crowded and touristic, but if you can steal a moment of peace and quiet on the bridge it will create an incredible memory in the heart of Prague.

If you’re searching for further inspiration, take a look at our guide to Western Europe and see if you’ve spotted a potential proposal spot that we’ve missed.


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