The Beer Lover’s Guide to Europe

Travelling across Europe, either solo or with a tour can be thirsty work, so we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the best beverages for you to try during your travels this summer!  Because let’s be honest, is there a more rewarding experience than sitting down after a long, hard day of exploring and enjoying a pint of the local brew? 

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The beer lover’s guide to Europe: Where to go and what to drink

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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The first stop on your beer-lovers tour to Europe should be to Amsterdam, home to one of the most stunning urban landscapes in Europe and to one of the most renowned beers in the world, Heineken! What you might not know is that Amstel beer also comes from Amsterdam, named after the river which the city is built on.

For a more authentic, local experience, stop for a beer at the microbrewery Brouwerij ‘t IJ located inside a windmill.

Aside from the obvious reasons of sampling fresh Heineken and Amstel beer, make sure you spend time getting familiar with the canals, museums, impressive architecture, that infamous colourful district and the trendy neighbourhoods. In Amsterdam, you could spend 24-hours or 6-months – the choice is totally up to you!

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2. Prague, Czech Republic

Did you know, that residents of the Czech Republic drink more beer per person than the Germans do! Prague is a popular stop for visitors to Europe and is not far from the capital is a town called Pils where the original Pilsner comes from! Keep an eye out for the grandfather of pilsner beers, Pilsner Urquell, or Staropramen from Prague.

You could spend a lifetime in Prague exploring the many hidden cafes, tucked away streets and many grand old buildings.

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3. Munich, Germany

Munich wins the title of Europe’s beer capital and boy is there a lot to choose from! Although you might not be passing through during the famous Oktoberfest, you can still experience all the festivity in a Bavarian beer hall and sink a beer with a plate of pork and sauerkraut or outdoors at one of Munich’s many beer gardens. We recommend Augustiner and Andechs beer, but your trip wouldn’t be complete without swinging around a litre glass of the royal brew, the Hofbräu!

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious beer and washed down a hearty lunch, you can explore many museums for free on Sundays, catch a concert at the or even hear the Rathaus Glockenspiel in Marienplatz chime a 15-minute show that occurs every day at 11 am and noon. Could you get a more authentic experience? Probably not.

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Beer & Bretzel

4. Rome, Italy

piazza navona rome

Piazza Navona, Rome

Heading south in the European summer means that the weather will get hotter and hotter, and after a day exploring the amazing sights of Rome, we can almost guarantee that you’ll be wanting a beer.

Find yourself a table on a street corner where you can watch the world go by, or a rooftop terrace to catch the breeze in the early evening while you enjoy your hard earned, ice-cold bottle of Rome’s local drop Peroni. Other lagers that earn a mention, are Nastro Azzurro, Castello and Moretti.

While it might seem near impossible to conquer this impressive city in just a few days between sampling local brews, try to make time to visit the seriously spooky, Christian Catacombs, tick another country off the ‘places to visit before I die’ list with a stop at the Vatican City and rock your best gladiator pose and prepare for the supremely popular Colosseum.

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Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps, Rome

5. Paris, France

cycling france from north to south

Although France is inevitably linked with the world of wine, the humble city of Paris is a beer-centric destination that might surprise you but will absolutely quench your thirst for a freshly poured beer.

The national lager is Kronenburg, 1664 however, craft beers are becoming quite popular in France too, so we would encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and be adventurous. You’ll also find plenty of Belgian beers like Hoegaarden and Leffe on French menus!

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cafe beer

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TourRadar reminds you to enjoy your beer in moderation… so you can fit in everything else! Make sure you share your best beer-related travel tips with travellers below. Next step: raise a glass and say CHEERS! 

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